Board of Education Official Meeting Minutes

Joan C. Sergent
Instructional Resource Center
14201 Canal Road
Sterling Heights, MI  48313


Ebeling Elementary School
15790 Haverhill
Macomb Township, MI 48044
September 22, 2014


Attending:  C. Klenow, G. Klida, R. Ross, K. Krolczyk, J. Prybys, D. Nesovski

Absent:  M. Templeton

1-2       Meeting Called to Order
Board President Dr. Carol Klenow called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m.  She designated Mrs. Prybys as the Acting Secretary in Mrs. Templeton’s absence.  She invited Boy Scout and Girl Scout representatives from Ebeling Elementary School to lead The Pledge of Allegiance.

3.         Minutes
Motion by Nesovski, support by Krolczyk, that the minutes be approved as presented.

Motion carried unanimously.

4.         Recognition
Superintendent Dr. Christine M. Johns welcomed everyone to Ebeling Elementary School. She thanked Principal Ms. Denise Bailey, the staff, students and parents for hosting the Board of Education meeting and introduced Executive Administrator of Schools Ms. Michele VanDeKerkhove. Ms. VanDeKerkhove stated that Ebeling Elementary School is a great example of how a caring and committed learning community comes together to meet the needs of all children.  She also stated that Ms. Bailey and the staff are pleased with the increase in achievement and are striving to make even greater gains. Ms. Bailey shared Ebeling highlights with the Board of Education and audience.  Student singers and news reporters were featured during her presentation.

5.         Superintendent’s Report
Superintendent Dr. Johns stated that tonight was a great celebration of the exemplary teaching and learning that goes on every day in our schools.  She said everyone is extremely proud of our work and how our students continue to outpace their national and state peers in achievement.

She gave two recent examples of this success. Earlier this month, ten seniors were named National Merit semifinalists. This honor places them among the top one percent of all high school students nationwide.  In addition, the College Board awarded UCS students 337 honors through its Advanced Placement Scholars program.  Students earn these honors by demonstrating outstanding achievement in three or more rigorous AP exams. Utica Community Schools offers 27 AP courses. Last year 1,782 district students took a total of 2,852 AP exams.  We look forward to honoring both groups of students at a future Board of Education meeting.

Another opportunity to celebrate student success will be on Sunday, October 5 when our music department hosts the annual Band-A-Rama concert. This event is an opportunity for our entire community to see all four of the high school bands perform on the same night.  This is also a fundraiser for the Gonda Music Scholarship. The performance begins at 7:00 p.m. at Swinehart Field with all the bands playing the Star Spangled Banner together, followed by their individual performances.  Band-A-Rama is just one example of why UCS was selected as one of America’s Best Communities for Music Education.

6.         Community Correspondence
There was no community correspondence to acknowledge. 

7.         Public Communication
There were no requests for public communication presented.

8.         Changes in Certified Personnel
Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources Mr. Michael Sturm presented the changes in certified personnel since the last presentation to the Board of Education on September 8, 2014.

Motion by Klida, support by Prybys, that the Board of Education approve the changes in certified personnel as presented.

Motion carried unanimously.

9A.        Schedule of Bills Report
Assistant Superintendent for Business Services Ms. Stephanie Eagen reviewed information on the schedule of bills for the General Fund.

Prior to the Board of Education meeting, all pertinent information necessary to process payment of the bills was reviewed by Dr. Robert A. Ross, Treasurer of the Board of Education, in conjunction with Ms. Evelyn Bihl, Controller. Inquiries concerning the schedule of bills may be directed to Ms. Eagen or Executive Director of Business and Finance Ms. Jill Tomyn.

General Fund:
GENERAL FUND (09/10/14) ............................................ $ 1,143,985.46
GENERAL FUND (09/17/14) ............................................... $ 822,439.31
General Fund Total                                                      $ 1,966,424.77

BOND 2009:
CAPITAL PROJECTS 2009 – August 2014............................. $ 274,385.89
CAPITAL PROJECTS 2012 – August 2014............................. $ 262,273.01
CAPITAL PROJECTS 2013 – August 2014....................... $353,509.80 
Bond 2009 Total                                                              $ 890,168.70

The Board of Education accepted the report as presented. 

9B1.      Wood Shop Dust Collector
Competitive bids were received to replace the wood shop dust collector at Eisenhower High School.  This piece of equipment removes sawdust from work areas within the wood shop.  The Auxiliary Services Department, Business Services Department and Capital Projects Subcommittee of the Board of Education reviewed the purchase, which will utilize Career and Technical Education funds.

Motion by Ross, support by Klida, that the Board of Education accept the bid from McShane Mechanical for the wood shop dust collector in the amount of $34,720.

Motion carried unanimously.

10B2.   Software Purchase
The Technology Department requested approval for the purchase of support licenses for FileWave client management software.  FileWave management software is used to automate the deployment of software and to remotely configure Apple computers.  FileWave Inc. is the sole-source provider of their management software solution.  The license renewal is for a one-year period.  The request was reviewed in detail with Capital Projects Subcommittee of the Board of Education.

Motion by Ross, support by Krolczyk, that the Board of Education approve the purchase of FileWave support licenses from FileWave Inc. in the amount of $28,080.00.

Motion carried unanimously.

10B3.   Road Salt
The district purchases road salt to melt ice and snow on its parking lots and walkways during the winter months.  Based on quantities used in previous years, the estimated seasonal usage is in the range of 2,100 tons.  The supply of salt will be delivered to the district’s salt barns as needed.

Pricing was obtained through the district’s participation in the State of Michigan Extended Purchasing Program (MiDEAL).  The $77.15 price per ton represents an increase of nearly 102 percent compared to last year.  The Auxiliary Services Department, Business Services Department, and Capital Projects Subcommittee of the Board of Education reviewed this General Fund purchase.  The anticipated expenditure is approximately $162,000.00.

Motion by Klida, support by Nesovski, that the Board of Education award the purchase of road salt for the 2014-2015 winter season to North American Salt Company in the amount of $77.15 per ton.

Motion carried unanimously.

10B4.   Barton Malow Contract Extension
As we work to complete bond projects, it has become necessary to extend our contract with Barton Malow through December 31, 2016.  This will ensure that construction management resources are in place and available to support the 2009 bond projects.

Moved by Ross, support by Klida, that the Board of Education approve the contract extension with Barton Malow revising the end date from December 31, 2014 to December 31, 2016.

Motion carried unanimously.

10.        Board Announcements
Dr. Klenow reminded Board of Education members of the Macomb County School Board Association dinner on September 30.  The State School Board candidates will be speaking at the dinner.  She also stated that everyone is welcome to attend, including the public.  Also scheduled on September 30 are the Open House/Curriculum Night events that were rescheduled due to inclement weather.

11.        Adjournment
Motion by Klida, support by Ross, to adjourn at 8:07 p.m.

Motion carried unanimously.


Respectfully submitted,


Mrs. Jennifer L. Prybys, Acting Secretary
Utica Community Schools
Board of Education

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