Board of Education Official Meeting Minutes

Joan C. Sergent
Instructional Resource Center
14201 Canal Road
Sterling Heights, MI  48313


Joan C. Sergent Instructional Resource Center
14201 Canal Road
Sterling Heights, MI  48313
October 13, 2014


Attending:  C. Klenow, G. Klida, R. Ross, M. Templeton, K. Krolczyk, J. Prybys, D. Nesovski

1-2       Meeting Called to Order
Board President Dr. Carol Klenow called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. followed by The Pledge of Allegiance.

3.         Minutes
Motion by Ross, support by Nesovski, that the revised minutes be approved as presented.

Motion carried unanimously.

4.         Recognition
The Board of Education recognized the District’s National Merit Commended students and Semifinalists for high achievement on the 2013 Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test.  The four Commended students recognized this evening placed among the top five percent of students who entered the 2015 Merit program.  The ten Semifinalists recognized this evening represent less than one percent of U.S. high school seniors and are among the highest scoring entrants in each state.  Semifinalists advance to the finalist level of competition for Merit Scholarship awards.

Students who earned Advanced Placement Scholar Awards from the College Board were also recognized for their outstanding academic achievement.  The College Board AP program provides willing and academically prepared students with the opportunity to take rigorous college-level courses while still in high school and to earn college credit, advanced placement or both for successful performance on the AP exams.  Approximately 134 UCS students were recognized for receiving Advanced Placement Scholar Awards.

The Board of Education thanked four local Kiwanis clubs: the Kiwanis Club of Sterling Heights, Sterling Heights High Noon, Utica-Shelby Township and Shelby-Macomb Daybreakers for their continued support of UCS students. The Board of Education also recognized representatives from Chrysler, Ford and General Motors and district volunteers who helped to present the Career and Technology Education car show “Where Innovation Meets Design” earlier this year.

5.         Superintendent’s Report
Superintendent Dr. Christine Johns reported that more than 150 of our high school students recently participated in Manufacturing Day. She explained that this is a national event designed to promote interest in high-paying, skilled manufacturing jobs.  Students visited local manufacturers to tour their facilities and learn about manufacturing careers.  These businesses work directly with UCS teachers to ensure students are career ready when they graduate.  This is one example of the close partnerships we develop with the business community.  Local business leaders understand the importance of a quality school district to the local economy and the future of the community.

Dr. Johns stated that another way for the community to support its schools is to experience quality theatre right in their backyard.  She announced the fall high school play schedule and encouraged everyone to enjoy a great night out celebrating our remarkable students.

6.         Community Correspondence
There was no community correspondence to acknowledge. 

7.         Public Communication
There were no requests for public communication presented.

8A.        Change in Regular Board of Education Schedule
The staff and students of Crissman Elementary have extended an invitation to the Board of Education to host the meeting on October 27, 2014 in their building.  Dr. Klenow stated that a motion was needed to change the location of the meeting.  She added that if approved, the change to the regular meeting schedule would be posted in accordance with the Open Meetings Act.

Motion by Klida, support by Prybys, that the location of the regular Board of Education meeting scheduled for Monday, October 27, 2014 is changed to Crissman Elementary.

Motion carried unanimously.

8B.        First Reading – Connecting Math Concepts
The Teaching and Learning Department presented Connecting Math Concepts to be used in self-contained, cognitively impaired Special Services programs for kindergarten through ninth grade and POHI students through sixth grade. The math program is a systematic research-based direct instruction program that provides instructional consistency through the classroom levels. Connecting Math Concepts combines facts, procedures, conceptual understanding, applications and problem solving skills to provide a comprehensive curriculum for students. Students learn to understand math by making connections among related math topics, procedures and knowledge.

This request has been reviewed by the Curriculum Leadership Council and the Curriculum Subcommittee of the Board of Education.  This is a first reading; no action is required.

9.         Changes in Certified Personnel
Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources Mr. Michael Sturm presented the changes in certified personnel since the last presentation to the Board of Education on September 22, 2014.

Motion by Templeton, support by Krolczyk, that the Board of Education approve the changes in certified personnel as presented.

Motion carried unanimously.

10A.      Schedule of Bills Report
Executive Director of Business and Finance Ms. Jill Tomyn reviewed information on the schedule of bills for the General Fund.

Prior to the Board of Education meeting, all pertinent information necessary to process payment of the bills was reviewed by Dr. Robert A. Ross, Treasurer of the Board of Education, in conjunction with Ms. Evelyn Bihl, Controller. Inquiries concerning the schedule of bills may be directed to Assistant Superintendent for Business Services Ms. Stephanie Eagen or Ms. Tomyn.

General Fund:
GENERAL FUND (September) - SPECIAL ...................... $ 17,180,326.76
GENERAL FUND (09/24/14) ............................................ $ 1,259,852.01
GENERAL FUND (10/01/14) ............................................ $ 3,001,818.41
GENERAL FUND (10/08/14) ............................................... $ 520,050.34
General Fund Total                                                       $ 21,962,047.52

The Board of Education accepted the report as presented. 

10B1.     Monfort Elementary Sewage Lift Station
Competitive bids were received to replace the sewage pump lift station at Monfort Elementary School.  This station empties the associated holding tank and discharges to the nearby septic field. The Auxiliary Services Department, Business Services Department and Capital Projects Subcommittee of the Board of Education reviewed the purchase.

Motion by Ross, support by Nesovski, that the Board of Education accept the bid from Hydro Dynamics, Inc. for the sewage pump lift station in the amount of $25,715.54.

Motion carried unanimously.

10B2.   MelCast Language and Literacy Contract
MelCast Educational Consulting trains teachers in research-based strategies to support English Learners (EL) student achievement. The training consists of a two-day intensive workshop where teachers receive training on how to make appropriate accommodations for students at varying levels of language proficiency. It also provides teachers with the principles of creating a language-rich, interactive environment which includes scaffolding for all language levels.

Last year staff at four UCS elementary buildings with the highest EL student populations (Burr, Schuchard, Schwarzkoff and West Utica) were trained by MelCast presenters. Teacher feedback from the workshop was overwhelmingly positive. In August, building administrators were provided a half-day of training. Administrator feedback was also positive and they requested further training.

The proposed contract outlined costs to target three groups for 2014-2015 professional development. These groups are the elementary EL teachers, the next four elementary buildings with high EL student populations (DeKeyser, Graebner, Oakbrook and Roberts) and further training for building administrators.  Materials include two books that will be used in the training.  All costs will be paid from the Title III Limited English grant funds.

The proposal has been reviewed by the Business Services Department and the Curriculum Subcommittee of the Board of Education.

Motion by Klida, support by Templeton, that the Board of Education approve the cost proposal with MelCast Educational Consulting, LLC for Utica Community Schools training for the 2014-2015 school year in the amount of $38,060.00 as presented.

Motion carried unanimously.

11.        Board Announcements
There were no Board announcements this evening.

12.        Adjournment
Motion by Klida, support by Ross, to adjourn at 7:58 p.m.

Motion carried unanimously.


Respectfully submitted,


Mrs. Michele Templeton, Secretary
Utica Community Schools
Board of Education

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