Board of Education Official Meeting Minutes

Joan C. Sergent
Instructional Resource Center
14201 Canal Road
Sterling Heights, MI  48313


Joan C. Sergent Instructional Resource Center
14201 Canal Road
Sterling Heights, MI  48313
January 26, 2015
7:00 p.m.

Attending:  C. Klenow, G. Klida, R. Ross, M. Templeton, K. Krolczyk, J. Prybys, M. Thomas

Absent:        None

1-2.      Meeting Called to Order
Board President Dr. Carol Klenow called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. followed by The Pledge of Allegiance.

3.         Minutes
Motion by Klida, support by Prybys, that the minutes be approved as presented.

Motion carried unanimously.

4.         Recognition
Superintendent Dr. Christine M. Johns stated that January is Board of Education Recognition Month, a time for Utica Community Schools and all Michigan school districts to celebrate the many contributions of their local school board members.  She thanked each member of the Utica Community Schools Board of Education and invited their family members in attendance to stand and be recognized.

Talented students from West Utica Elementary School and Eisenhower High School performed as a tribute to our board members to show appreciation and gratitude for their leadership. The West Utica singers performed three patriotic songs under the direction of Ms. Jessica Nicolia.  Principal Mr. Bradley Suggs was also in attendance.  Eisenhower junior Lily Schmidt performed two short monologues by William Shakespere and Edward Albee and senior Lainey Williams and junior Griffin Sheridan performed a scene from a Neil LaBute play under the direction of Mr. David Springer.  Principal Mrs. Nanette Chesney was also present.  Between performances the district aired a video of students and parents expressing their thanks to the Board. Finally, the Board members were presented with beautiful wooden pens that were handmade by Eppler Junior High School woodworking students in Mr. Christopher Davis’s class.

5.         Superintendent’s Report
Dr. Johns said that families with students who will be part of the fall kindergarten class should make plans now to begin the registration process with Utica Community Schools.  She stated that all 25 of our elementary schools will hold open houses at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, March 18. This is an opportunity for new UCS parents to meet building staff, hear more about our nationally-recognized kindergarten program and visit their child’s future classroom.  She referred parents to the district website under the “Success Starts Here – 2015 Kindergarten Registration” logo for more information.

Dr. Johns also reminded everyone that Thursday, January 29 is the eighth annual Academic Blitz at Henry Ford II High School.  She stated that the speaker this year is Deborah Stieffel, Vice President for Enrollment and Student Affairs at University of Detroit Mercy.

6.         Community Correspondence
There was no community correspondence to acknowledge.

7.         Public Communication
Tom DeWitte requested to be heard during the Public Communication period of the meeting.  He expressed concern and opposition regarding the Common Core.

8A1-4.   Resolution – 2014-2015 Budget Adjustment I
Assistant Superintendent for Business Services Ms. Stephanie Eagen presented the 2014-2015 Budget Adjustment I Resolution, which was developed by the Business Services Department.  Budget Adjustment I provides an update to reflect the current financial status for the 2014-2015 fiscal year.  The 2014-2015 adopted budget was based on assumptions that can now be updated to reflect actual data such as student member count, state and federal funding awards, staffing levels and associated benefit costs.

Motion by Ross, support by Klida, that the Board of Education adopt the Budget Adjustment I Resolution for 2014-2015 for the General, Special Revenue, Debt Service and Capital Projects Funds as submitted to take effect on January 26, 2015.  Mrs. Templeton called the roll.

Yeas: Ross, Klida, Krolczyk, Thomas, Prybys, Klenow, Templeton

Motion carried unanimously.

8B.        Resolution – Best Practices Incentive
Ms. Eagen also presented the Best Practices Incentive Resolution.  She stated that a one-time grant for “Best Practices Incentive” is available as part of the 2014-2015 State School Aid Act.  Districts must demonstrate that they meet any seven of nine designated best practices to be eligible to receive $50 per pupil in the 2014-2015 fiscal year.  For Utica Community Schools, this equates to approximately $1.4 million in revenue.  The administration asserts that the district meets the following seven of the nine best practices:

The district is the designated policy holder for medical benefit plan(s) pursuant to Section 22f(1)(a).

  1. The district has obtained a competitive bid on non-instructional services pursuant to Section 22f(1)(b) for custodial, grounds and warehouse services for 2014-15.
  2. The district accepts applications for enrollment by non-resident applicants under Section 105 or 105c (MCL 388.1705) pursuant to Section 22f(1)(c). A Public School Academy is considered to have met this requirement.
  3. The district offers online courses or blended learning opportunities to all eligible pupils, and publish course syllabi pursuant to Section 22f(1)(d).
  4. The district’s collective bargaining agreements do not include provisions contrary to prohibited subjects as outlined in section 15(3) of 1947 PA 336, MCL 423.215.
  5. The district implements a comprehensive guidance and counseling program.
  6. The district offers opportunities to complete 1 credit worth of non-English language learning experiences.

Motion by Klida, support by Ross, that the Board of Education adopt the Resolution for Best Practices Incentive and authorize the submission to the Michigan Department of Education.  Mrs. Templeton called the roll.

Ayes:  Klida, Ross, Krolczyk, Prybys, Thomas, Klenow, Templeton

Motion carried unanimously.

9A.        First Reading – Policy 5160 – Information and Communication Technology
Chief of Staff Dr. Robert A. Martin presented Policy 5160 - Information and Communication Technology as a first reading for recommended changes. He stated the revised policy encourages the educational use of technology to support and enhance instruction, research and communication. The major guiding principles in this revision are an emphasis on digital citizenship and responsible use of technology. The revision encourages the full integration of digital tools in teaching and learning.

This was a first reading, no action was required.

9B.        Second Reading – Policy 4214 – Teacher Reduction and Recall
Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources Mr. Michael Sturm stated that Policy 4214 - Teacher Reduction and Recall was presented as a second reading for the recommended changes.

Motion by Templeton, support by Klida that the Board of Education approve Policy 4214 – Teacher Reduction and Recall as presented.

Motion carried unanimously.

10.        Changes in Certified Personnel
The Human Resources Department recommended changes in certified personnel since the last presentation to the Board of Education on January 12, 2015 be approved.

Motion by Templeton, support by Prybys, that the Board of Education approve the changes in certified personnel as presented.

Motion carried unanimously.

11A.       Financial Report – Part II
Executive Director of Business and Finance Ms. Jill Tomyn presented Part II of the Financial Report for Utica Community Schools as of December 31, 2014.  Part II reports on the financial status of the following funds:

            Capital Projects                                  Enrichment                           
Debt Service                            Food Service
Trust and Agency                    Internal Service
Inquiries concerning these reports may be directed to Ms. Eagen or Ms. Tomyn.

The Board of Education accepted the report as presented. 

11B.       Schedule of Bills Report
Ms. Tomyn presented the schedule of bills for the General Fund.  Prior to the Board of Education meeting, all pertinent information necessary to process payment of the bills is reviewed by Dr. Robert A. Ross, Treasurer of the Board of Education, in conjunction with Ms. Evelyn Bihl, Controller.

General Fund:
GENERAL FUND (01/14/15) ............................................... $ 690,560.22
GENERAL FUND (01/21/15) ............................................... $ 558,943.75
General Fund Total                                                    $  1,249,503.97

Inquiries concerning the schedule of bills may be directed to Ms. Eagen or Ms. Tomyn.

The Board of Education accepted the report as presented. 

11C1.     Contract Award – Technology Infrastructure
Ms. Eagen stated that Utica Community Schools current data network infrastructure was installed in 2003.  Due to the age of the equipment and increasing network utilization levels, it is recommended that select portions of the network infrastructure be upgraded.

Bid 09-T-101 encompasses the equipment, materials and labor for the upgrade.  This project would replace the networking equipment that connects our buildings to the campus fiber network, each building’s internal data closets and all wireless access points. The new equipment will provide bandwidth capacity between buildings and a wireless network capacity that is ten times greater than our current network.  It also provides the capability to further increase district bandwidth with minimal cost as our needs change.

Work will begin April 1, 2015 with a substantial completion date of July 31, 2015.  Work during the school year will be performed during off hours and scheduled around building activities.

Funding for the project comes from the 2009 bond issue.  The bid was also prepared as an E-Rate eligible project and the district has applied to receive significant E-Rate funding.  If approved, the district will be eligible for a discount of 51 percent on the majority of the project.  Due to E-Rate program rules, a final determination on receiving the E-Rate discount funding may not be made until after the project is completed.  Bond funds will be allocated to cover the awarded project cost in the event that E-Rate discount funding is not received.

Mandatory Alternate 1 would additionally upgrade the infrastructure that connects all wired ports.  This alternate was not recommended to be included in the award due to funding limitations. 
Mandatory Alternates 2, 3 and 4 provide deducts for Ewell, Magahay and Rose Kidd Elementary schools.  These closed schools are not utilized by UCS for instruction and are able to continue functioning as limited use facilities with the network components that are currently in place.  It was recommended that these deduct alternates be included in the award.

Motion by Klida, support by Ross, that the Board of Education award Bid 09-T-101 Base Bid and Mandatory Alternates 2, 3 and 4 to Netech Corporation in the amount of $1,856,328.38 for network infrastructure upgrades beginning April 1, 2015 with a substantial completion date of July 31, 2015.

Motion carried unanimously.

11C2.   Contract Award – Bus Purchase
Assistant Superintendent for Auxiliary Services Mr. Robert Kelly stated that the administration is recommending the purchase of eight 77-passenger buses, four 77-passenger buses with luggage capability and four special needs buses.  The pricing for this purchase has been obtained through the Michigan School Business Officials Aggregate Bus Purchasing Program and is valid through
January 31, 2015.  All required bidding procedures were completed by MSBO.  This program ensures the best possible purchase price through volume discounts and allows the Transportation Department to specify, assemble and price buses based on the needs of the district. This recommendation is a continuation of the bus fleet renewal program financed through the 2009 bond.  After the winter months the Transportation Department will evaluate the bus fleet and compile a proposed list of buses to remove from the fleet and sell at auction.

In 2001 the district purchased 25 buses, of which 10 have subsequently been removed from the fleet and sold at auction.  It is anticipated the remaining 15 buses will be retired, auctioned and replaced by the new buses purchased through this recommendation.  The associated purchase order process will be initiated on January 27, 2015 and conclude once the vendor satisfactorily delivers all buses ordered and closeout documentation is completed.  It is anticipated this closeout will be completed by December 31, 2015.

The recommended purchase has been reviewed by the Finance Subcommittee of the Board of Education.  The purchase will be made utilizing funds from the 2009 bond issue.

Motion by Templeton, support by Prybys, that the Board of Education approve the purchase of sixteen buses as follows:

Description                                           Vendor                                Amount
Eight 77-passenger buses                             Capital City                         $680,272.00
Four 77-passenger buses with luggage capacity    Capital City                                    $345,656.00
Four special needs buses                                     Capital City                         $367,412.00
Total    $1,393,340.00

This purchase will be initiated on January 27, 2015 and conclude on December 31, 2015.

Motion carried unanimously.

12.        Board Items
Board Vice President Mrs. Gene Klida reminded Board of Education members of the Macomb County School Board Association meeting at Chippewa Valley High School on Tuesday, January 27.  She also reminded everyone to purchase tickets for the Arts & Idols event on March 5.

13.                    Adjournment
Motion by Klida, support by Thomas, to adjourn at 8:16 p.m.

Motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,


Mrs. Michele Templeton, Secretary
Utica Community Schools
Board of Education

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