Board of Education Meeting Overview

An overview of actions taken by the
Utica Community Schools
Board of Education
May 11, 2015

Board honors national spelling participant, Math Olympiad, DECA, Skills USA and HOSA winners
The Board of Education recognized Shelby Junior High School student Nate Britton for participating in the Scripps National Spelling Bee for the third time. The Board also recognized students and teams who earned honors in the Math Olympiad, Skills USA, DECA and HOSA

Board adopts policy revisions
The Board adopted policy revisions on Tax Anticipation Notes, State Aid Anticipation Notes and Payment of Bills.

Budget adjustment adopted
The Board of Education adopted Budget Adjustment II for the 2014-15 for the general, special revenue, debt service, and capital projects funds.

2015-16 Budget adopted
A balanced 2015-2016 budget was adopted by the Utica Community Schools Board of Education that includes a sale of vacant property, staff layoffs and the use of one-time revenue sources and other reductions to address a continuing enrollment decline. The $279 million budget also reflects a structural deficit of $16.6 million that will significantly increase without future reductions, enrollment increases or revenue growth. More information is available at this link:

Resolution approved authorizing issuance of Tax Anticipation Notes
The Board adopted a resolution authorizing the issuance of Notes in Anticipation of School Aid. The resolution authorizes the issuance of notes up to $12 million to fund school operations.

Summer Collection of Taxes authorized
The Summer Collection of Taxes Resolution for the 2016-2017 was approved. The resolution authorizes a summer tax levy to collect one-half of school property taxes, including debt services.

Layoffs approved
Thirty-four teacher layoffs were approved by the Board of Education. The layoffs resulted from enrollment declines, loss of nearly $600,000 in federal grants and programmatic changes.

Contracts Awarded
Contract awards were approved in the following areas: technology component and cart purchase; authorization for investment of district funds; the establishment of bonds for various officials; authorization of banks for deposit; authorization of firms for purchase of commercial paper investments; authorization of legal counsel; and authorization of an auditing firm.

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