Board of Education
Policies / Rules and Regulations

The purpose of the Board of Education Policies and Rules and Regulations is to assure the effective use of district resources to improve Student Achievement.

As elected representatives of the community, the Utica Community Schools Board of Education is responsible for approving District Policy which provides guidance and direction for the operation of the school district. Policies give the Superintendent of Schools and the administrative team direction with which to develop and conduct the day-to-day operation of the school district. These day-to-day operations are expressed through the district’s Rules and Regulations.

This on-line overview of District Policies is divided into nine series: Community, Administration, Business, Personnel, Students, Instruction, New Construction, Internal Board Policies and Bylaws of the Board. Policies are presented to the Board by district administration and are approved after first and second reviews, or readings, at separate Board of Education meetings.

This web site is intended to be viewed as a “working” document and will continually be updated. If you are looking for a Policy that has not yet been posted, please contact the Administrative Service Center at 586.797.1000.

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