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On November 6th, residents in Utica Community Schools will vote on a school bond proposal.

If voters approve it there will be no change in the tax rate residents are now paying.

Basic Bond Proposal Facts

  • The bond proposal is designed to:

    1. enhance student safety and school security

    2. make infrastructure improvements

    3. make technology improvements

  • The bond proposal projects fall into four major categories:

    1. making safety and security improvements, including cameras and door-locking systems;

    2. equipping, furnishing, re-equipping and refurnishing school district buildings, facilities, and structures, and acquiring school buses and technology equipment;

    3. constructing additions to and/or remodeling school district buildings; and,

    4. improving and developing sites, including playgrounds and athletic fields.

  • The bond proposal on the November 6 ballot will affect every UCS student and every UCS school.

  • The bond proposal supports improvements that are scheduled in the school district’s strategic, long-range facilities management program. (This program is designed to regularly upgrade school district facilities, the learning environment, instructional technology, and the bus fleet without changing the current tax rate.)

  • Replacing school buses as they reach the end of their useful life will help assure that the UCS bus fleet continues to operate safely and efficiently.

  • The bond proposal will upgrade instructional technology to provide students with a competitive advantage for the high-paying jobs of the future.

  • Remodeling and upgrading school buildings and educational facilities will continue to protect the community’s investment in its schools.

  • By law, bond revenue cannot be used to pay salaries or benefits. All bond revenue must be used for the purposes specified in the bond proposal and must be independently audited.

  • The bond proposal was designed to maintain and enhance the school district’s long tradition of educational excellence and to continue its commitment to the communities it serves. (According to area realtors, the strength of the school district is a primary reason that home buyers are interested in residing within the boundaries of UCS.)

  • Registered voters can vote at their regular precinct on November 6 or by absentee ballot between September 22 and 4:00 p.m. on November 3.

Have questions or need more information?

Ask your building principal or call 586-797-BOND or visit this link.