Utica Community Schools
Foundation for Educational Excellence

7600 18 Mile Road
Sterling Heights, MI 48314
Telephone: 586.797.6953
Fax: 586.797.7001

Uniting our community in support of quality public education since 1986, the Utica Community Schools Foundation for Educational Excellence is committed to providing meaningful educational experiences for all students. Thanks to corporations, local businesses, community leaders and citizens, the Foundation has distributed more than one million dollars in grants to teachers and scholarships to students. The Utica Community Schools Foundation for Educational Excellence was created in 1986 to raise additional funds to provide meaningful educational experiences for students not otherwise funded by the school district. The Foundation is a non-profit organization governed by a Board of Trustees comprised of area business and community leaders. The Foundation is funded through memberships, donations, fundraisers and memorials, contributing significantly to classroom programs for nearly 30 years.

The Utica Community Schools Foundation for Educational Excellence serves the Utica Community Schools by sponsoring programs of outstanding educational worth that cannot be provided through the school district's budget. The Foundation forges partnerships with corporations, local businesses, community leaders and citizens to raise money to accomplish its goals.

The organization’s mission statement will guide activities on a day-to-day basis.

Mission Statement:

The Mission of the Utica Community Schools Foundation for Educational Excellence is to be a non-profit fund-raising organization that encourages and supports quality efforts by educators to enhance educational experiences for students of the Utica Community Schools.

The organization’s vision statement describes the organization if all goals could be met.

Vision Statement:

To be a financial resource that positively impacts the educational experience of every student in the Utica Community Schools.

UCS Foundation Board of Trustees

The UCS Foundation for Educational Excellence is directed by the Board of Trustees, a group of volunteers comprised of business and community leaders:

Robert Van Camp, President
Mike Nowicki, Vice President
Bob Wilcox, Secretary
Steve Truman, Treasurer

Sherman Abdo, Trustee
Paul Alandt, Trustee
Brent Bohlinger, Trustee
Ronald Chriss, Trustee
Linda Colton, Trustee
Les Gilbert, Trustee
Gene Klida, Trustee
Raymond Lope, Trustee
Denyeal Nesovski, Trustee
Susan Rosso, Trustee
Dan Wesner, Trustee

Christine M. Johns, Ed.D., Superintendent
Ex-Officio Member

Sue Chown, Foundation Coordinator

Members of UCSF Advisory Board:

Dick Duncan
Fred Mathiak
John Nitz
Ray Weingartz
W. B. Browning
Wally Doebler

UCS Foundation Special Events

UCS Foundation Special Events

Arts and IdolsThank you for your support of this year's event.

For more information about next year's event, please call the UCS Foundation at 586-797-6953 or go to the Evening of Excellence web site: www.eveningofexcellence.org


Career Focus

The annual Career Focus Luncheon, a "must attend" event for workplace professionals and 2,000 Utica Community Schools sixth graders.

The Career Focus Luncheon is sponsored by the UCS Foundation for Educational Excellence in partnership with the Sterling Heights Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Advisor & Source Newspapers, and in cooperation with Utica Community Schools.

Business and individual sponsors are needed to make this year's Career Focus Luncheon another success. Please call the Foundation at 586.797.6953 to reserve your table and share your career know-how with today's children ق│ô tomorrow's leaders.

We thank our generous sponsors!

You can increase your support by acting as a Career Focus Sponsor to help offset expenses for the Career Focus Luncheon. Your generosity allows the Foundation to dedicate even more dollars to projects and programs that support students and teachers in the Utica Community Schools.

Grants & Scholarships

Since its inception, the UCS Foundation for Educational Excellence has supported public education through its Instructional Grants programs.

Won't you help? Consider donating to the grants and scholarship funds. Call 586.797.6953.

A Gift for Children

Four of the most powerful words in any language - a gift for children - can be made even more meaningful through a contribution to the Utica Community Schools Foundation for Educational Excellence.

Honor others by contributing to the Foundation. Remember the Foundation when planning birthdays, celebrating the birth of a child, an anniversary or other special occasion. Your donation can also commemorate a friend or loved one. Your gift will support district students in ways ranging from Classroom Instructional grants for educational enrichment to post high-school scholarships, elementary musical rental, academic support for at-risk students or the endowment fund.

For more information, call the Foundation at 586.797.6953.

Century Club

The Century Club is comprised of individuals and corporations which make a tax-deductible donation to offset Foundation operating costs in order to allow more of the Foundation's general budget to directly benefit students.

In 1996, nearly 100 individuals and businesses pledged to help make a difference in the life of a child by supporting our efforts to keep the Foundation's resources where they belong - in the classroom and through scholarship efforts.

For more information about this worthwhile organization, please contact the Foundation at 586.797.6953. There are no meetings, there are no dues other than your Century Club membership. What you'll receive in return is the gratitude of more than 29,000 students of the Utica Community Schools!

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