Reaching Higher – our Indicators of Excellence point the way to improved student achievement

logoEach year, the schools which comprise the Utica Community Schools provide a report to the community regarding their students’ progress. This report falls into two categories: data from standardized tests like the Michigan Educational Assessment Program (MEAP) and the Michigan Merit Exam (MME); and a narrative specific to each building’s annual goals. Building goals are specific to the student needs in that building and designed as the basis for targeted improvement in support of the district’s Indicators of Excellence.

Graduation/Drop Out Rates

The following are the graduation/drop out rates for class pf 2010.

High School Graduation Rate Drop Out Rate
Stevenson 93.77% 2.46%
Eisenhower 96.25% 1.30%
Henry Ford II 92.58% 2.54%
Utica 91.45% 4.16%
District Average (including alternative high schools) 89.88%
(Highest in Macomb County)
(Lowest in Macomb County)


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