Human Resources - providing staff support and quality employees

Michael J Sturm, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources
Cynthia Wals, Director for Employee Benefits and Reporting

Justin Washington, Director of Human Resources

The Utica Community Schools Department of Human Resources provides comprehensive service and support for all district personnel.   From hiring to professional development, the department is committed to supporting the students of Utica Community Schools through establishing and maintaining exemplary staffing practices in all district programs and offerings.  This includes certification review, highly qualified auditing, mentoring and induction training for our teaching staff; as well as managing required and applicable support staffing qualifications, licensures and credentials. 

The department’s three-member management team and seven member support team regularly facilitate daily assistance for the organizations nearly four-thousand employees.  These services include benefit guidance, retirement and career counseling, workers compensation, unemployment compensation, compliance with Federal employment law, safety legislation and contractual enforcement.  In addition to supporting current employees, the Human Resources Department also works with the hundreds of applicants who annually seek employment with the organization. 

The Utica Community Schools Human Resource Department is systemically connected with each district school, department and association.  Collectively bargaining contractual agreements with our eight organized unions and three non affiliated labor groups establishes the environment for our personnel to work and serve the needs of the district.  Analyzing staffing, guiding personnel assignments, evaluating budgeting and exploring future considerations and possibilities in the ever changing landscape of public education further frames the departments responsibilities.  

The belief that our employees are our greatest asset lends to a commitment to excellence that underscores the efforts of the Utica Community Schools Department of Human Resources.  The team takes great pride in playing a key role in promoting and maintaining positive employee relations which can be linked to pride within the community, success for our organization, and most importantly- achievement for our students.

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