Michigan history comes alive at Wiley Elementary


wileymichMichigan history came alive at Wiley Elementary as students and teachers went back in time to celebrate their favorite state's birth.

Fourth grade students and teachers dressed the part to learn more about Michigan during its early days.

"It taught me how life was back then in the 1800s," said Gavin Puhl.   I liked the bartering and trading session the most because it taught me how to trade to get the supplies that would make life easier."

Students went through four different teacher stations, learning more about life in 1837. The stations were:

  • Mr. Fromm taught how bartering and trading was common between the Europeans and the Native Americans.
  • Mrs. Feather taught about the lumber industry and the lumberjacks.
  • Mrs. Leo had the students become Michigan history detectives.  They guessed what different artifacts were and how they were used in the past. 
  • Mrs. Klida had the students put together a timeline of various Michigan state symbols and their adoption dates. 

The nearly 200 students finished the day by learning how to square dance with Mrs. Andrus and Mrs. Provencher.

The students also got to take home a special "mitten" sugar cookie complete with the year "1837" on it.


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