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Fostering the Mind and Body

At UCS, we believe a well-rounded student develops both the mind and body. Our Athletics Department provides students with a host of options to that end, and we hope this portion of our website serves as an important resource to answer all athletic-related questions you might have.

We encourage parents to read the Parent-Coach Relationship Brochure and Code of Conduct Brochure (see download box on right) and share them with your student. These brochures outline the expectations for the coach, parent and student involved in athletics.

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To better ensure the safety of our students, all of our students are required to provide the following documents before participating in any sport:

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UCS believes that a dynamic program of student activities is vital to the educational development of the student.

The Athletic program should provide a variety of experiences to aid in the development of favorable habits and attitudes in students that will prepare them for adult life in a democratic society.

Athletics plays an important part in the life of our students. Young people learn a great deal from their participation in interscholastic athletics. Lessons in sportsmanship, teamwork, competition and how to win and lose gracefully are an integral part of each team in our athletic program. Athletics plays an important part, in helping the individual student develop a healthy self-concept as well as a healthy body. Athletic competition adds to our school spirit and helps all students - spectators, as well as participants, develop pride in their school.

Before any program can operate effectively and efficiently, a philosophy should be set down to provide a preview of the ultimate ends to be achieved and the guidelines within which accomplishment is to progress.

The major objective of the program is to provide wholesome opportunities for students to develop favorable habits and attitudes of social and group living.

Leadership should be of the highest quality so as to exemplify to the participants the desired type of behavior to be developed from the athletic program. Measurement of leadership success should not be in terms of the tangible evidence of the victory and defeat record, but rather in the intangible personality development factors that are an outgrowth of the major objectives of the athletic program.

The athletic program should always be in conformity with the general objectives of the school. The athletic administration should be in line with the general policies of the institution. At no time should the program place the total educational curriculum secondary in emphasis; the program should constantly strive for the development of well-rounded individuals, capable of taking their place in society.

We believe that the opportunity for participation in a wide variety of student-selected activities is a vital part of the student's educational experiences. Such participation is a privilege that carries with it responsibilities to the school, to the activity, to the student body, to the community and to the athletes themselves.

The interscholastic athletic program shall be conducted in accordance with existing Board of Education policies and rules and regulations. While the Board of Education takes great pride in winning, it does not condone "winning at any cost" and discourages any and all pressures that might tend to neglect good sportsmanship and good mental health. At all times, the athletic program must be conducted in such a way so as to justify it as an educational activity.

Sports List

Please follow the links below for our 2015-16 athletic teams and schedules:

Junior High Schools

High Schools

Pay to Participate

A fee of $145 is assessed to seventh and eighth graders to participate. A fee of $145 is assessed for ninth through 12th graders for one sport, and $120 for each additional sport. However, a maximum participation fee of $450 per year for each family is in effect. Our Fee Payment schedule is also available for you to print or review at your convenience.

Financial aid is available based on need, and fees are waived for students who quality for the federal Free Lunch Program. Students who qualify for the federal Reduced Lunch Program are assessed 25 percent of the participation fee.

To view available items for a specific school please select from the list below:

Athletic Calendar

UCS students have many options when it comes to athletic participation. View athletic schedules on each individual school website and on the right side of this page.

Information regarding tryouts, game times and locations can be obtained by contacting the athletic director for your school. The athletic directors and their contact information are below:

Kevin Donahue, Eisenhower High School

David Ledbetter, Ford II High School

Jason Battle, Stevenson High School

Jim Vigus, Utica High School

Bemis Jr. High School
Todd Koehn
586. 797.2521
Aimee Ferenc
586. 797.2540

Frank Persichino, Davis Jr. High School

Patrick Collins, Eppler Jr. High School

Janet Webster, Heritage Jr. High School

Bill Szlaga, Jeannette Jr. High School

Kati Campbell, Malow Jr. High School

Derek Smith, Shelby Jr. High School

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