Graduation Requirements

Minimum Graduation Requirements

To meet Utica Community Schools minimum graduation requirements, a student must earn a total of 22 credits in grades 9 through 12 that include the 16 required credits listed immediately below, plus 4 elective credits. One-half credit is granted for each semester course successfully completed. Ninth graders should earn 3.0 credits to be promoted to the tenth grade.

  • Four years of English, grades 9-12 (one-half credit earned each semester)
  • Three credits of social studies, grades 9-12, including one-half credit of Contemporary United States History and one-half credit of American Government
  • Four credits of Mathematics
  • Three credits of Science
  • One-half credit of Health and one-half credit in physical education.
  • One credit in Visual, Performing and Applied Arts.
  • Online Learning Experience
  • Two credits in world Languages (Class of 2016 and later)