Testing Out Information

The Utica Community Schools has identified courses for which students can earn credit by testing out of a course. Students must achieve a qualifying score on a test that measures what students must know and be able to do for that course (commonly called Course Content Expectations). Students may only request to test out of a maximum of four content areas during the four sessions (one test per session) offered in one academic school year. 

For a Testing Out Parent/Student Information Sheet, click here. For a list of courses that a UCS student is eligible to test out of and their corresponding Course Content Expectations, look below. Click on the title of the course for the specific Content Expectations for that course. Tests will be developed from these Content Expectations. For the Testing Out Authorization and Notification Form, click here. For testing out dates, click here.

Business Department  
Web Page 1  
English Department Physical Education
English 9 Health and Wellness
English 10 Learn to Swim
English 11 Lifetime Leisure Activities
English 12 Aerobics
Speech 1
Fine Arts Department Biology I
Art Appreciation Chemistry
Art Foundations Earth Science
Drawing Fundamentals Physics
Physical Science
Foreign Languages Physiology
French I Astronomy
Spanish I
Japanese I Social Studies
German I World History and Geography
U.S. History and Geography
Mathematics U.S. Government
Algebra I Economics
Algebra II Psychology
C++ Sociology