Leadership is the key to success for UCS student
Leadership is the key to success for UCS student
Posted on 03/04/2018
Mr. Spear and Sam Saba standing next to a Key Club banner
For junior Sam Saba, earning the top leadership position in a statewide service organization is a natural extension of the commitment to service that he developed in Utica Community Schools.  

“I think that service is the most meaningful act a person can do – whether that is a small thank you note or money to children across the world,” Saba said. “Service is the largest thing a human can do.”

This mindset has led him to be elected as Governor of the Michigan Key Club, a national student organization that promotes character building, inclusiveness, caring and leadership. 

Saba, a junior at Utica Academy for International Studies, will coordinate activities for the state’s student key clubs and work with each group to promote the group’s mission.

“The goal of Key Club is to empower youth,” he said. “I think that youth are the leaders of the country now and leaders of the country in the future. My purpose is to better youth through service.” 

UAIS advisor Justin Spear called the state leadership office “the perfect position” for Saba. 

 “All of us in Key Club are very proud of Sam,” Spear said. “He is as caring, principled and hardworking as any student in our program, and his passion toward service and ability to be inclusive shows that he has the leadership it takes to be successful.”

UAIS has been a leader in the Key Club, having the state’s largest club with nearly a third of the school’s student body serving as members.

Saba is the third UAIS student to serve as the state’s Key Club Governor over the past ten years.

On the day of his election at the Service Leadership Conference in Kalamazoo last month, the school also earned five top group competition awards. 

“The UAIS key club does so well because the mindset of our students,” he said. “Our mindset is always to help those in need of it and to work on our character.” 

The UAIS club this year has embraced the state's focus on education by providing direct academic assistance to elementary schools throughout UCS.

After he finishes his year-long term as governor and graduates from UAIS, Sabo said he plans to pursue a career in international rights as an immigrant lawyer. 

It is a career path that has paved through his service activities in Utica Community Schools and his Key Club experiences. 

“Key Club is about family, it’s about friends, it’s about mentors, it’s about diversity – it’s what every student wants from their high school experience,” he said.