Switzer Elementary

53200 Shelby Road
Shelby Township, MI 48316
Phone: 586.797.6400
Attendance line: 586.797.6499

Jake Palmer, Principal

Welcome to Switzer Elementary School. We serve 530 students in Kindergarten through sixth grade, plus classes for preschool and nursery age children.

You can also learn more about our school by reading our 2013-2014 annual report.

Our Mission:

The Switzer Elementary community is committed to helping all students become responsible life-long learners by maintaining a safe, positive environment that encourages individuals to reach their full potential.


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Our Location

53200 Shelby Road
Shelby Township, MI 48316

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More About Us

Technology thrives in Switzer's classrooms as students have hands-on experiences using multimedia equipment including computers, I-Books, digital cameras, and the internet.

Switzer soars with Success Skills. Teachers have targeted respect, responsibility, integrity, personal best, and positive communication skills. These skill are woven into assemblies, multi-age teams [book buddies], and general curriculum activities.

The Switzer Staff Tech team continues to offer training and support to the staff and students as they develop technology projects. Our computers are networked in the entire school so that the students can retrieve their files from any computer in the building as well as access the Internet.

Students continue to be involved in SIT through Switzer's Student School Improvement Team [SSIT]. They have initiated innovative ideas and worked especially hard at coordinating our Quarterly Assemblies that recognize high student achievement. SSIT has also sponsored a number of community service projects.

The Switzer professional staff has developed and embraced belief statements that support our mission statement about how children learn and grow. These statements will serve as a preface to all present and future educational endeavors.

Switzer students generously participated in several successful community service projects that support local families in need. Empty Bowls, THAW, a food drive, Toys for Tots, and the hat/mitten tree are examples of these projects.

This year, again, our sixth graders participated in the DARE program that is run in cooperation with the Shelby Township Police department.

Students in grades 4-6 had the opportunity to participate in the Science Olympiad program. This program encourages competition in the sciences.

Parent volunteers are actively involved in supporting our school programs. The PTO committees include: Site, Student Safe Arrival, Picture Person, Drug Awareness, and Student Assemblies. Our PTO also helps to support important school activities such as Pennies for the Playground, school health team, and the school store.

The majority of students in grades 2 - 6 eagerly participate in our Accelerated Reader Program.

National Reading Month sparked student interest with a month-long stream of activities which motivated reading and language projects. Our theme this year was " Reading is Magic".

The Switzer Staff continues to be involved in professional development by attending various after school workshops, in-services, conferences, and university classes. Staff members also participate on many professional committees. Our staff members are trained in health related matters and are certified in CPR.

The School Improvement Process allows our professional staff at Switzer to continue to assess its strengths and weaknesses in order to strive for excellence. Our endeavor is to attain excellence in our curriculum, excellence in our teaching strategies, and excellence in student achievement.

Students strive to earn achievement awards each card marking. Individual ribbons are awarded for all A's, A's and B's, Citizenship, and Study Habits.

Students who demonstrate an "act of kindness" are awarded a certificate and a sticker. Once a month children's names are randomly drawn from the "Act of Kindness" group to have lunch with the principal.

Switzer's Academically Gifted and Talented program is open in grades 4-6 to those students who qualify. They do a variety of enrichment activities along with community service projects.

2000-01 saw the beginning of two new programs at Switzer - Peer tutoring and Senior Citizen Volunteers.

Sixth grade students learn about various careers and participate in a Career Focus Luncheon sponsored by local businesses. Switzer Elementary Links Our Web Site Annual Report More About Us Where We Are Located Pay Schools