UCS graduates show they are ready to be future leaders

Christine M. Johns

Utica Community Schools graduates this year are leaving our community already demonstrating they are ready to become the different kind of leader emerging in today’s world.

The successful leaders who are guiding our future will adapt to change quickly, are innovative and have the confidence to confront the many challenges facing their generation. It is in this leadership environment that Utica Community Schools students are uniquely positioned to excel.

Recently, the Detroit Free Press ran a series of articles about how the economy of our region is becoming more and more dependent on the work of entrepreneurs. The series argues that this region’s future leaders will “confront and solve complex challenges that require multidisciplinary approaches in a collaborative enrollment.”

In essence, the type of skills that are already taking root in UCS classrooms - creativity, problem solving, collaborating with peers – is preparing our students to be successful leaders and confident risk-takers.

As this newsletter demonstrates, Utica Community Schools students learn in an environment that is challenging, rigorous and offers real-world experiences. You also see how those experiences are making a difference in the goals and determination of our nearly 210 valedictorians and salutatorians featured in this edition.

In this group of graduates, we have students who are breaking down barriers and stamping-out stereotypes. On their own they are mentoring younger students through struggles they may have experienced as they became young adults. These graduates have the skills, confidence and passion to create change before they even leave high school.

Their understanding of the role they have to form their own futures is part of the foundation we are creating in Utica Community Schools. Given the environment they will face when they move onto college and careers, it is a foundation that will ensure their UCS diplomas will be the key that will open doors for them throughout their lives.

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