2018 Bond Issue Timeline

Bond Issue 
Progress Update

Projects from the voter-approved 2018 Bond Issue are based on three important priorities: Safety and Security, Technology and Infrastructure Improvements as determined by the district's strategic, long-range facility program that enhance the academic programs.

Responsible financial management means we will diligently use taxpayer bond funds to support the educational mission. The district is committed to managing and utilizing taxpayer funds reasonably and carefully.  

The bond issue funds may only be used for the capital projects approved by voters. The funds may be not be used for day-today operating purposes, such as utilities, administrative, teacher or other staff salaries and benefits.

The Board of Education on January 14 authorized the sale of more than $100 million in bonds to fund the capital improvements identified in this proposal. This sale represents the first phase of a five-year program that will impact every classroom and every student.

The information on this page provides the status of projects funded through the 2018 bond issue.  If you need additional information, you may reach out to your school principal or e-mail 

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