What is an Educational Development Plan (EDP)?
    An Educational Development Plan (EDP) is a document showing a student's current interests, abilities, and career pathways.  It is more comprehensive than a schedule of classes because it includes information a student can use when creating a high school schedule and planning for post-secondary options.

    Why have an EDP?
    The State of Michigan requires that students must be given the opportunity to create an EDP beginning in the 7th grade and revise it appropriately throughout high school.  An EDP is designed to assist students to identify career development goals as they relate to academic requirements, which may be fulfilled through career and technical education. 

    How can students start/update their EDP?
    Counselors meet with students to instruct on updating their EDP annually.  In addition, PowerPoint presentations have been created to assist students and are available by grade level using the tabs below. The essential elements for updating an EDP are exploring careers, projected job openings, educational/training goals, career interest surveys, activities, experiences and plans of action. 

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