Utica Community Schools Award Introduced at Scholarship Event
Utica Community Schools Award Introduced at Scholarship Event
Posted on 04/24/2019
Honored students with Dr. Johns

Many people are surprised to hear that just two generations ago, women were prohibited from running in the Boston Marathon. It was not until 1972 when Marathon organizers officially changed the rules to allow women to participate.  However, as a female, getting a hotel room reserved would have been challenging, since women could not get a credit card in their own name until 1974, when the Equal Opportunity Act was passed.

Globally, the race is on to build a gender-balanced world and during this Year of the Women Dr. Christine Johns, Superintendent of Schools, was inspired by seven young women within the Superintendent’s Scholarship group who stood out through their strength and compassion, graciousness and an altruistic spirit.

Designed to showcase trends within the current Superintendent Scholarship group, the Momentum Award, recognizes the future forward scholars who represent those traits.  This year, the seven Young Women Leaders with a Purpose were surprised and recognized with the award.  The emotional accolades capped off the UCS Foundation for Educational Excellence scholarship dinner celebration, on Thursday, April 11 at the Palazzo Grande in Shelby Township.

Olivia Berge, Ahria Campbell, Jaymie Imesh, Caitlin Johnson, Haley Kelly, Morgan McCloud and Renee Odrobina were named the 2019 Momentum Awardees -- Young Women Leaders with a Purpose.

During the powerful and heartfelt presentation, Dr. Johns called for all young women to create and embrace opportunities, and to empower others throughout their lives.  She added of the seven seniors, “I know each one of you will realize your great potential to redefine women’s roles and encourage others throughout your lifetimes.”

Photo credit: Compliments of Kaiser Studio

Photo caption: UCS graduating seniors and 2019 Momentum Award recipients: (left to right) Jaymie Imesh, Olivia Berge, Ahria Campbell, Dr. Christine Johns, Caitlin Johnson, Morgan McCloud, Renee Odrobina and Haley Kelly.