Nearly 250 area students battle over the boards at annual chess tournament
Nearly 250 area students battle over the boards at annual chess tournament
Students shaking hands before a chess tournament

Nearly 250 area students battled over the board at the 24th annual UCS Chess Board Tournament.

Players from 40 Metro Detroit schools played five games in nine grade level sections at Henry Ford II High School

Medals and Trophies were awarded to top players.

UCS award winners were:

9th-12th Grade  (15 players)

  • 1st place/silver medal Evan Aeck Eppler
  • 3rd place/silver medal Aaron Thielen Eppler

7th-8th Grade (39 players)

  • 4th place/silver medal Connor Harrison Jeannette
  • 5th place/silver medal Nate Wood Malow
  • 6th place/silver medal Frankie Talerico Shelby 

6th Grade (29 players)

  • 1st place/gold medal Alex John Morgan
  • 3rd place/silver medal Owen Aeck Roberts
  • 6th place/bronze medal Tyler Harrison Schuchard

5th grade (75 players)

  • 2nd place/gold medal Vincent Frabotta Roberts
  • 4th place/silver medal Simon Kristensen Beacon Tree
  • 5th place/silver medal Jade Burnham Flickinger
  • 8th place/silver medal Van O'Brien Dresden
  • 10th place/silver medal Andrew Wiseman Roberts
  • 13th place/bronze medal Aurora Prichard Roberts
  • 14th place/bronze medal Davin Gordon Flickinger
  • 15th place/bronze medal Alex Thielen Roberts

4th Grade 

  • 3rd place/silver medal Braden Cheun Messmore
  • 6th place/bronze medal Paul Jimenez Roberts

3rd Grade 

  • 6th place/bronze medal Dylan Martin Messmore

1st Grade 

  • 3rd place/bronze medal Zander Qussar Messmore
  • 4th place/bronze medal Devan Martin Messmore