It's a positive sign for Burr students
It's a positive sign for Burr students
Posted on 06/14/2019
Students and staff in front of Burr Elementary with signs promoting kindnessBurr Elementary students recently took to the streets to share messages of kindness. 

Students from the school's Operation Kindness Jr. Club. lined the road to display signs to passing motorists filled with positive messages.

"It was important to spread kindness to people that may be sad or having a bad day," said sixth grader Ashlyn John.  "It makes us feel good when we can put a smile on someone's face" 

Messages shared include such things as "Always Be Kind," “Be Kind Everyday” or "Honk if you Are Happy."

"This was one of the most rewarding events we did at Burr. Last year after we did this, we received a letter from a stranger who drove by. She said she was having a really bad day and  when she drove by and saw our posters, it immediately put a smile on her face and changed her mood to a positive mindset. We want to continue this at Burr and teach the students how one random act of kindness can make a huge difference," said teacher Lisa Georgen.

Teacher Melissa Gronzo said the club received more than 150 car honks in 30 minutes. 

"This is the 8th year we have had an Operation Kindness Jr Club and did the power of one walk," Gronzo said. "Teachers meet with the students once a month. We focus on being positive and teaching them about kindness. We have many events we do throughout the year, but the power of one  walk is by far the best event " 

The school's Operation Kindness Jr. Club was created through the Rachel's Challenge national initiative.

Based on the writings of Rachel Joy Scott - who died during the Columbine High School tragedy - the initiative encourages others to share kind messages to make a difference.

"The posters that we made that said  honk for kindness make people feel good. It spreads kindness and love to our community" said fifth grader Myles Burton.

Added Olivia Michels: "The goal of the power of one walk was to spread kindness and teach others that one random act of kindness can change someones day. You never know how people are feeling and one positive word can make a huge difference. We want everyone to feel that they are loved."