Elementary schools invite 2019 grads back to celebrate where it all began
Elementary schools invite 2019 grads back to celebrate where it all began
Posted on 06/14/2019
Henry Ford grads lined up at Havel

Time moves pretty quick.

It was one of the messages graduates from across the district shared with students when they were invited back to celebrate where it all began for them – their elementary school.

"I think one thing every graduate will agree on is that junior high and high school will move pretty fast,” Utica High School graduate Oliva Fuhrman told West Utica Elementary School students. “If I could go back and change anything, it would be to just slow down and enjoy the little things. Every once in a while step back and enjoy what you have accomplished.”

Across the district, graduates shared more advice with students:

  • Work hard
  • Stay organized
  • Be involved
  • Stay focused on school and doing your best
  • Have fun
  • You are not done at high school - plan to go to college. 

West Utica Principal Bradley Suggs said the ceremony helps celebrate their school’s legacy.

“It’s nice to have our kids see that soon they will become our graduates too,” Suggs said. “Our graduates come back to see our new kids and give them words of wisdom – it’s kind of like passing down the torch from one generation to the next.”

Utica High School graduate Nicole Coleman remembers drawing pictures of dresses in West Utica art classes and developing a love of fashion. Next year, she will be attending Wayne State University to study fashion merchandise.

"I want to say to all of you it is important to work hard,” Coleman told students. “One day you will be up here with the rest of the graduates saying that I did my best. That’s all that matters – you did your best.”