Mentoring Program for UCS students named state’s best
Mentoring Program for UCS students named state’s best
Posted on 06/19/2019
Students holding award

The Utica Alternative Learning Center (UALC) has earned statewide recognition for providing its students a clear path toward graduation.

The UALC Social Emotional Learning Mentor Program has earned a Program of the Year award from the Michigan Alternative Education Organization for its impact on student success.

“Utica Community Schools is committed to helping students succeed both academically and in life,” said Superintendent Dr. Christine Johns. “We are proud that UALC was recognized for its commitment to encourage students to strive for excellence and set high expectations for their future.”

Using a program called “Clear Path,” the mentoring program addresses key areas of social and academic support based on the student’s profile.

The mentors focus on areas that improve academic success: confidence, stress, motivation, relationships skills, communication, health and responsibility.

Students are mentored on developing skills through peers and their teachers. Once they have progressed past learning the skills, students begin to mentor their peers.

 “The mentoring program supports our commitment to grow student achievement and puts students on a path toward graduation and post-secondary success,” UALC Supervisor Marc Kay said.

Every UALC student participates in the program.

“This program taught me that choices I have made in the past do not need to dictate my future,” said Class of 2019 graduate Nicholas Baum. “This program helps students have a way to connect to additional role models in the building, not just their classroom teacher. It puts them on the road to success.”