UCS promotes the safe and effective use of technology for students in their digital world
UCS promotes the safe and effective use of technology for students in their digital world
Posted on 10/10/2019
Students working on computer

Utica Community Schools is continuing its work to make sure that students are successful members of their digital world.

While the concept of Digital Citizenship is integrated in the district’s K-12 curriculum all year, the concept is taking center stage this week as part of the national Digital Citizenship Week October 14-18.

“Technology is an integral part in the lives of our students, and it is critical that they develop the skills to use digital resources in an effective and responsible way,” Superintendent Dr. Christine Johns said.

Digital Citizenship encompasses key areas of instruction for UCS teachers, including how to evaluate information found on the internet, digital footprinting, “netiquette (teaching students responsible and respectful behavior),” privacy and cyberbullying. 

During Digital Citizenship week, the district has created resources for parents to use at home at: Tips for parents will also be posted on school and district social media sites throughout the week.  A complete listing of the district’s social media sites are available at

Utica Community Schools has promoted digital citizenship with the increased use of technology in classrooms as a tool for teachers to promote learning.

Examples of digital citizenship in UCS curriculum include:

  • Since 2012, Utica Community Schools has paired with the national non-profit Common Sense Media to integrate digital citizenship principles throughout its curriculum.
  • Beginning as early as kindergarten, the district’s media specialists introduce age appropriate formal lessons on digital citizenship.
  • Junior high school students have the opportunity to take the course, Digital Literacy and Media Design, which provides seventh-grade students the opportunity to enhance their understanding of communicating ideas through digital means. Students also learn to evaluate and use content presented in diverse forms of digital media.
  • Students accessing district technology agree to use digital resources in a responsible and safe manner.