CareerQuest gives students hands-on experiences in future jobs
CareerQuest gives students hands-on experiences in future jobs
Posted on 12/10/2019
Students in the back of an ambulanceEmployer showing trade skill to studentNearly 400 Utica Community Schools junior high school students recently rolled up their sleeves to exploring their future careers.

The students took part in a unique hands-on career exploration event called MiCareerQuest Southeast, the region’s largest interactive career exploration event featuring more than 100 area companies.

“The MICareerQuest was one of the most interesting experiences I have had,” said Bemis Junior High School eighth-grader Cameron Vedua. “All of those jobs were catching my eyes, but it was the information technology part that I liked best. Those robotics arms literally copied my movements!”

The goal of the event was to give students a new way to experience their career interests and help link the future workforce to business and industry.

“Every single job in the health-care industry intrigued me,” said eighth-grader Mayer Taylor. “The healthcare station opened a locked door for me and greatly inspired me.”

The hands-on activities provided students a glimpse of available careers in the health sciences, construction, informational technology and advanced manufacturing. The event showcased more than 125 of the highest-demand occupations and is region's largest interactive career exploration event.

“I loved the 911 dispatcher in the information technology quadrant,” said eighth-grader Angelina Peterson. “’I’ve always wanted to help people who are under stressful situations.”

Students were able to perform simulated tonsillectomies, build brick walls, direct television talk show, scale construction beams or perform CPR on an infant.

Students at the event were encouraged to literally reach for the sky.

“I learned that female pilots are wanted because there are not very many,” said eighth-grader Madelyn Dudde. “You also get to travel a lot, which I want to do.”

Student with manufacturing equipment