Collaborative work results in three-year agreement with UCS paraprofessional union
Collaborative work results in three-year agreement with UCS paraprofessional union
Posted on 12/09/2019
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A three-year successor contract agreement has been reached between Utica Community Schools and its paraprofessional union.  As a result, the UCS Board of Education on December 9 unanimously approved an agreement with the Utica Paraprofessional Association, representing approximately 300 paraprofessionals.  In addition, the district finalized contracts with its 83 administrators. 

“We appreciate the collaborative work that resulted in contracts for our paraprofessionals and administrators,” Superintendent Dr. Christine Johns said. “Everyone involved worked innovatively and collaboratively to address the key concerns and needs of paraprofessionals and administrators while also ensuring the long-term stability and strength of our schools.”

The Utica Paraprofessional Association is an affiliate of the Michigan Education Association (MEA).  The three-year agreement adds an additional cost to the district of $1.5 million over three years with an expiration of June 30, 2022.

Details of the negotiated three-year agreement with the paraprofessional union include:

  • Annual step increases on the salary scale. A step is an increase in pay based on experience. Steps and/or half-steps are not guaranteed and must be collectively bargained.
  • A one-time off-schedule payment of $400 or $200 per person depending on qualifying status. 
  • An increase in the wage scale over the three years of the agreement.

With Monday’s Board of Education action, UCS has settled current contracts with seven of its eight employee groups.

“Our Board of Education appreciates the trust our community has placed in us to be good financial stewards of taxpayers money,” Board of Education Dr. Robert Ross said. “The Board of Education appreciates their trust and support.”

In addition to board approval of the paraprofessional agreement, the district has approved changes for the administrative group that includes principals, associate/assistant principals, executive directors, directors and supervisors.

The changes for the administrators include a step increase of up to one and one-half steps and a one-time off-schedule payment of $800 for those eligible, totaling $224,265. 

“We are committed to shared problem-solving that reflects responsible financial management,” Dr. Johns said. “In light of the new state laws that prevent retroactive pay increases, I am pleased that we were able to settle these contracts prior to the holiday season.  It is beneficial for everyone involved.”