Former UCS student working with world leaders in first year of college
Former UCS student works with world leaders in first year of college
Posted on 02/13/2020
Young man in suit next to older gentleman (secretary of United Nations)

As a student at Oakbrook Elementary, Michael Stevanovich always had a high bar for his future.

"Michael told me, when he was a sixth grader, that he wanted to one day be President of the United States of America,” said Oakbrook teacher William Mader. “Each time I get a chance to hear from him, he has taken a serious step in that direction.”

His newest next step is taking part in a partnership through his school with the United Nations.

The partnership, offered through Lehigh University, has allowed Stevanovich to represent a non-governmental organization called Augustinians International. He recently had a front row seat to meet the Secretary General of the UN, António Guterres of Portugal.

He is also creating a climate education module that will be used by Augstinian schools from around the world.