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Return To School

May 7, 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians:

This week I listened as our sixth and seventh graders talked about their dreams for the future. The students participated in a virtual Career Focus event sponsored by our UCS Foundation and the Sterling Heights Chamber of Commerce. This annual event pairs teachers and local business leaders to inspire students and help them understand how they can pursue their life’s goals. Watching these conversations reinforced that we are returning to normal. This is also seen in the plans we are making for the 2021-2022 school year and our plans for the end of this year.

Summer Learning Options

While we have faced this pandemic together, COVID-19 has impacted students and families differently. For those that desire continued academic engagement this summer, there will be multiple opportunities available. Summer learning offers students a bridge to a successful next school year.

Registration for the summer offerings will begin next week. As you consider these summer opportunities, here are several important points to note.

  • The summer learning opportunities are voluntary. If you or your student have questions or wonder if it would be helpful, please feel free to contact your teacher or building administrator.
  • Whenever possible, multiple sessions are available at different times. Many classes blend virtual and in-person learning to meet a range of student and family needs.
  • Courses that reinforce student learning from the past school year are offered at no cost. Summer offerings also include traditional credit recovery courses or opportunities to opt out of future secondary courses. These courses may include software licensing and material fees.

More information on the summer offerings are available at this link.


In the coming weeks, we will celebrate the accomplishments of the Class of 2021 using a meaningful safe approach. Our continued priority is to maintain as many graduation traditions as possible.

We are excited to announce that in-person ceremonies will be held the weekend of June 5-6 at the Michigan Lottery Amphitheater at Freedom Hill. Unless large gatherings become prohibited, the ceremonies will be held for our four comprehensive high schools, the Utica Alternative Learning Center/Adult Education, and the Gene L. Klida Utica Academy for International Studies. In addition, we will host a virtual commencement ceremony for families that need or prefer this option.

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Health and Safety Protocols and Vaccine Availability

As life returns to normal, we will continue to take the critical steps needed to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Remember to follow the self-screening protocols and safety measures (e.g., wearing face coverings, frequent handwashing and use of disinfectant) to reduce the spread and need for quarantine.

In addition, through our partnership with Beaumont Hospitals, we have established a process to increase vaccine availability for our students 16 years or older, which is included at this link. Families should be aware that Macomb County Health Department guidelines – which establishes protocols for local districts – do not require quarantine for students who have been fully vaccinated and are not experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19.

I started this letter by talking about the partnership between teachers and business leaders to help students accomplish their future dreams. The engagement between UCS and our community is vibrant and strong. Thank you for your continued support as we move past a COVID-19 world to one defined by educational excellence and resiliency. Working together, student dreams become reality!

Robert S. Monroe
Interim Superintendent