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UCS COVID 19 Dashboard

UCS COVID-19 Dashboard

The table below reports in the number of positive and probable cases of COVID-19 in Utica Community Schools.  Individuals who were personally impacted by the below reported cases have received personal outreaches from the school district. Also, school communities where a confirmed case was reported have received information from their school principal.  Probable cases are also reported in the sheet below as required by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. 

Other important dashboards are located at the following links:

COVID-19 UCS Report - May 6, 2021

Students Positive/Probable Cases Percent of Active Cases Per Student  Quarantine (For those exposed)   Percent of Quarantine Cases Per Student Population
 Elementary Schools 5 0.0387% 243  1.8786%
Junior High Schools 1
0.0174% 261 4.5439%
High Schools 2
0.0279% 229 3.1961%
 All District Schools 8 0.0310% 733 2.8362%

UCS Dashboard
*This report is in accordance with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Emergency Order effective October 12, 2020.
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*** Data displayed for most recent twenty-four hours should be considered tentative as confirming and tracing determinations are likely in progress.  Once finalized, data will be amended accordingly.  

State of Michigan information is available at this link

More information regarding Macomb County COVID-19 data is available at this link

Promoting Health and Safety in UCS
Keeping our students and staff is a community partnership.

Our staff will be modeling proper protocols for our students, including line ups, movement in the halls and distancing. UCS Self Screening ProcessIn addition, we have placed reminders throughout the schools about the importance of taking simple steps to support our health and safety measures. 

The signs are in place to encourage students to wash their hands frequently, maintain appropriate distancing, help locate disinfecting stations and reminders on wearing face coverings. There is also signage on each UCS school entrance reminding everyone about COVID-19 protocols. 

Self-Screening Process
To download the Self-Screening flyer, please click on this link.

Face Coverings

Face Covering PosterFace coverings provide an essential shield to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 from spreading from child to child, adult to child, child to adult or adult to adult. Face coverings will be used by all individuals in schools at all times. This includes hallways, indoor common areas and classrooms.

The only exceptions will be during the meals or taking a water break. When removing the face covering to eat, they should only be touched by the strings and students should be careful not to rub their eyes, nose or mouth.

If there is an underlying medical condition that impacts your child’s ability to wear a face covering, please contact your school principal.

Thank you for keeping our staff and students safe!