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Henry Ford II students honor 9/11
Henry Ford II students honor 9/11
Posted on 09/10/2021
Students place flags on school grounds.

In 2001, Americans came together to support one another after the terrorist attacks on 9/11. Twenty years later, 10th and 11th grade students at Henry Ford II High School (HFHS) were brought together to learn about the events of that historic day and what transpired ever since.

“My students won’t ever know what it is like to grow up in a world without going through metal detectors before a sporting event or having your bag checked before entering a theme park,” sophomore history teacher, Chris Versele, said. “Understanding the past helps us to understand the world we live in today and helps us prepare for future challenges, as well.”

Despite not being alive at the time of the attacks, Henry Ford II sophomore Brendan Ittner said, “(9/11) is one of many examples of how America can get right back on its feet after the hardest times.”

To honor September 11th and the nearly 3,000 lives lost, HFHS 10th and 11th grade students were invited to place American flags outside of the school along Clinton River Road. American flags were also placed by the spirit rock, dressed in red, white and blue paint to further pay tribute, as well.

When asked what she hoped her students would take away from the activity honoring 9/11, Versele said, “I hope they understand what happened, and how our country came together to help the victims, their families and first responders on that tragic day.”

Versele’s mission behind her lesson was understood by her students, as was echoed by Ittner who explained, “9/11 brought everyone together in union and put everyone towards one goal.”

As was demonstrated by HFHS students and staff, twenty years may have passed, but the day of September 11th continues to unite Americans across our country, our state and within Utica Community Schools.