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Angel Stallings - Challenges Inside and Outside the Classroom
Angel Stallings

What is the value of your UCS education?

The value of a UCS education is priceless and ongoing. I still reap the benefits of the lessons learned there. My teachers, counselors, and principals supported me and prepared me for success. 

My UCS education helped me get to where I am by challenging me in and outside of the classroom.

AP classes gave me college credits I needed to keep costs low when I made the transition into college. My teachers read over my essays for college admissions and scholarships. They even wrote me letters of recommendation. I also was the recipient of several UCS scholarships offered by my high school (HFII) and the Superintendent. These all contributed to me graduating debt-free and writing a book about it to help other students! For the superintendent’s scholarship, I even had the opportunity to come back and be a speaker at the banquet years later and encourage other students as they embarked on life after high school. That was a lovely, full circle moment.

Lastly, the school-to-work (co-op) program led by Cheryl Adams gave me professional experience at a prestigious intellectual property law firm as a senior in high school. I am forever grateful for that experience that helped shape me into the young professional I am today and equipped me for corporate America.


I am a licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in the state of Michigan. An exam that has a less than 50% pass rate and less than 1% of Black CPAs in the world. I also founded and run my own business, Jesus and Justice Apparel. Proceeds are donated to various social justice organizations. Lastly, I am co-author of "Graduate to Freedom: The How-To Guide of Graduating Debt-Free From an HBCU and PWI”.

I graduated with Summa Cum Laude honors from Central Michigan University in 2020 obtaining my BSBA in Accounting with a minor in Information Systems. As a debt-free, first generation college graduate, I am passionate about others being able to accomplish the same.

People can connect with me via LinkedIn at Angel Stallings, CPA or my businesses’ websites, Instagram, & Facebook pages:
@GraduatetoFreedom @JesusandJusticeApparel

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The Value of a UCS Education

Throughout this school year, Utica Community Schools will be asking the question - "What is the Value of a UCS education?"

The answer will come from those most impacted by our schools - graduates, students, parents, residents, business owners and community leaders. 

Learn more at the stories shared on this page. 

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