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Ryan Capshaw - Career and Technical Education

Ryan Capshaw

What is the value of a UCS Education?
UCS education is the foundation that starts your career. With the UCS CTE program you will learn not only valuable life skills but career skills to begin your journey in the field of your choice. With the training received from UCS CTE programs you will obtain the knowledge and know-how to start working at a much younger age and get your foot in the door to a wide variety of different businesses. 

How has your UCS education helped you realize success?
The UCS CTE program helped me get to where I am today by providing me with the knowledge and experience to get my career started at the age of 16. By doing so, I gained more experience before going to college and was able to truly test the waters to make sure I was chasing a career path I enjoy.  The CTE program offers a wide variety of career technical classes  to cater to many different careers in mind such as woodworking, automotive, machining, architecture and more. 

CTE programs do more than just help you start a career. In CTE programs you can also learn how to complete tasks for yourself and save money in the long run, test different career options or even learn a new skill that peaks your interest. 

Ryan is a Master Diesel Mechanic with Wolverine Freightliner. 

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The Value of a UCS Education

Throughout this school year, Utica Community Schools will be asking the question - "What is the Value of a UCS education?"

The answer will come from those most impacted by our schools - graduates, students, parents, residents, business owners and community leaders. 

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