Utica Community Schools adopts 2018-2019 operating budget

A 2018-2019 operating budget that continues programs and services for Utica Community Schools students was unanimously (7-0) approved by the Board of Education June 11.

District officials noted this year’s budget continues services as a result of two important factors related to state funding: an increase in state aid and a leveling of student enrollment in UCS. 

“We are pleased that this year’s budget provides financial stability,” said Board of Education President Gene Klida. “Through effective financial stewardship, the district is able to provide resources where it matters most – the classrooms.”

Revenue for Michigan schools is established by state lawmakers, which sets funding levels for local districts by annually determining a per-pupil foundation allowance. 

The school aid budget recently approved by Michigan legislature includes a pupil foundation allowance of $8,019 for Utica Community Schools.  The 2017-2018 per pupil allowance is $7,796.

The adopted budget reflects a revenue level of $277.3 million.

Enrollment is projected to be 27,261.


The majority of district expenditures – nearly 80 percent – are directed to classrooms and teachers.

Expenditures in the district are $281.6 million, according to the adopted budget.

“It is good news that we are financially stabilizing our budget and will be able to maintain our current programs and services,” Board Treasurer Dr. Robert Ross said. “We appreciate that state lawmakers are working to address past per pupil cuts and growing inflationary costs.”

The budget takes effect on July 1, 2018. In addition to the General Fund budget, the Board of Education also adopted 2018-2019 special revenue, debt service and capital project budgets. 

More information is available on the UCS website at: