2017 Graduates return to their elementary roots
2017 Graduates return to their elementary roots
Posted on 06/23/2017
Students tipping their diploma caps to a school sign

High school and college graduates recently returned to their elementary roots to celebrate their successes and share life experiences with students.

Across the district, graduates were welcomed back at their elementary schools to be honored for their accomplishments and send an important message to current students.

“The graduates talked to our students about the importance of working hard and taking advantage of the many activities they have available in our secondary schools,” said West Utica Elementary principal Bradley Suggs. “Our current students love having the experience, and everyone joins in at the end for the school fight song.”

This year 13 former West Utica students returned in their high school and college graduation gowns to talk to the students.

At Havel, more than 30 Henry Ford II graduates returned to a special breakfast where they were honored by staff and students.

Earlier, high school graduates in Brian Bersteegden’s class opened a time capsule they had created as sixth-graders.

At Beacon Tree, graduates spoke to the students as part of the morning announcements and a special assembly. The school’s student council also awarded two of the graduates with leadership scholarships.