Auxiliary Services

Auxiliary Services and Information Technology
(586) 797-7150

John Graham
Assistant Superintendent for Auxiliary Services

Micky Jakey, Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent for Auxiliary Services

Information Technology

Sandro Silvestri,
Executive Director of Information Technology
(586) 797-1245

Todd Daniels, Director of Technology
(586) 797-1254

Maintenance and Construction

Roger Silagi, Supervisor of Auxiliary Services

Jerome Hoppe, Supervisor of Auxiliary Services

Robert Peck, Supervisor of Auxiliary Services

Operations and Security

Dominic Aversa, Supervisor of Auxiliary Services


Water Quality Testing

Arch Environmental Group, an independent environmental firm, was retained in to test drinking water at each of our 45 schools and other district facilities. Arch Environmental specializes in environmental training, sampling and consulting services throughout Michigan. Their team provides environmental services for more than 100 Michigan school districts. 

Based on these tests, Arch Environmental Group concluded that the samples from the 45 schools and other district sites did not report any detectable level of lead in the drinking water. The sample testing results identified levels below the Environmental Protection Agency’s Safe Drinking Water Act. 

To view the report, visit this link

Energy Conservation

Utica Community Schools makes a concerted effort toward energy conservation throughout the district. Our Energy Program has saved the district nearly 30 percent a year in utility costs and reduced our carbon footprint, setting an example to our students and community.

With simple strategies, the district has been able to achieve these reductions. To date, we have initiated guidelines to:

  • Shut off lights and electronics when possible
  • Lower heating temperature to 55 degrees when buildings are not in use
  • Refrain from cooling buildings when not in use
  • Unplug appliances such as refrigerators during breaks and limit their use
  • Use more efficient light bulbs
  • Seek out more energy-efficient appliances and materials