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UCS students learn essential college skills while earning credit at Macomb Community College
UCS students learn essential college skills while earning credit at Macomb Community College
Posted on 10/27/2021
Students wear MCC sweatshirts

The way each college course is designed is inherently unique, and the course created through the collaboration of UCS and Macomb Community College (MCC) is no different.

“CSSK 1200: College Success Skills” was designed to ease the stress that surrounds high school students when thinking about college classes. As described by Justin Luce, special education teacher at Eisenhower High School (EHS), the course was offered by MCC to provide high school students a true look at what the college option would look like for them.

“The MCC course was set up as a summer learning option for sophomores and juniors by the Special Services department,” said Luce.

Throughout the course, students received direct instruction from MCC instructor, Heather Mayernik, and instructional support from Luce, as well. Some of the topics covered included goal setting/motivation/character, time management, higher-level thinking skills, note-taking strategies, test-taking skills, educational and career planning, and appropriate in-class and online behaviors.  

“It was an honor for me to work with students as they navigated through their first college class,” Luce said. “I was able to get a front row seat to how students prepare and perform in a college-level course.”

10 students enrolled in the course from UCS, all of which reported they developed awareness of MCC resources and essential college skills. Students that successfully completed the course received 3 college credits.

“It showed me what it was like to take a college course and what you must put in to be successful in college,” said John Gray, junior at Eisenhower.

“The course helped ease my nerves about what college professors would expect of me in college,” said Eisenhower senior, Bradi Crifasi. “It feels great to know that I’m already on my way to getting a college degree.”