Math 24 tournament adds up to fun for UCS students
Math 24 tournament adds up to fun for UCS students
Posted on 03/10/2020
Students playing 24 gameOn March 5, the UCS 24 Math Tournament took place at Oakbrook Elementary School. 

Academically talented and gifted students from our elementary schools participated at fourth, fifth and sixth grade levels.

It was an exciting event in which mental math was used to solve problems using four numbers which could be multiplied, divided, added , and subtracted to come up with the sum of 24. 

The students played with opponents from other schools in two rounds within the framework of friendly competition. 

In addition, the elementary students were excited to have MST students join them.  They assisted in proctoring the team matches while the ATG coaches encouraged all of the students to do their best. 

The final top competitors at each grade level were as follows:

Fourth Grade
Rachel Patton – Plumbrook
Isabella Bronzovich – Browning
Connor Twardesky - Schuchard

Fifth Grade
Ethan Trifon – Schuchard
Aaron Bently – Schuchard
Adiv Patel - Messmore

Sixth Grade 
Daniel Buzdugan – Messmore
Isaac Fandakly – Schuchard
Brandon Chan - Messmore