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  • Going on vacation?

    Some important things you need to know before you leave


    Pre-Excused Absence Request

    According to the Student Handbook, vacation or travel during school days is discouraged. Families should seek permission from a building administrator for an excused vacation absence prior to making any travel arrangements. The request should be made in writing at least one week prior to the vacation. Vacation absences of more than 10 days in a semester will not be approved. Vacation absences that would cause a student to be placed on the No-Go list will not be approved for excusal. Vacations taken without approval will be marked as unexcused absences. Arrangements should be made with the student’s teacher in advance as to timelines for completing class work. Homework may be requested and requires 24 hours to process. Work at the secondary level may be due upon return from vacation or travel.  Please note that all work must be completed and turned in during the school calendar year. 

    2022-23 Grades 7-8 Handbook


    Students Traveling Outside of the United States of America

    Per the districts Pre- Excused Absence policy, families can request up to 10 days excused absences for travel/vacation.  Please be advised: UCS does not support the international travel of our laptop devices.  Teams links AND Class Link will not work outside of the US; therefore, students cannot access and complete class work while traveling.  Grades of “F” will be assigned for all missed work and averaged into quarter and final semester grades.  Please review the District’s Exam Attendance Procedures below for additional information regarding midterm/final exam grading. 


    District Exam Attendance Procedures

    Teachers can only give exams during the exam window.  Students who are taking a non-high school credit earning class, should plan to take their exams upon return.  If the end of year exam is missed, then the student will need to make arrangements to complete exams in August. Otherwise, teachers have the discretion to average quarter grades for the semester grade. Thus, waving the exam. However, this does not apply to classes that offer high school credit (i.e. Algebra, Geometry, Spanish, French, German, AP Human Geography).  In this scenario, students must take the final exam.  If the end of year exam is missed for the above classes, then students MUST complete exams upon their return in August.

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  • Robotics Competition

    WOW!!! What a day the kids had last weekend!!!

    The kids had their first Robot competition of the season yesterday and they, both Robots, got a ticket to STATES but there is MORE....

    7253 Ragging Robots, went undefeated for 5 matches going into the first round of quarter finals in first place and had the highest score of the day even after finals. They picked their sister BOT, 7252 Vicious Volts, to be an alliance and another team.

    Best 2 out of 3 matches and they won both so another match was not necessary to move onto the finals.

    Finals....they WON both matches and finished in the TOP spot with both BOTS getting a ticket to STATES!! States are December 8th-10th at Macomb Community College.

    The day was awesome and the kids worked so hard!! Carter Currie drove the BOT and Autumn Rule is the drive coach, both Bemis 8th graders. Justin Manhattan driver for 7252 and he is 8th grade. Those three kids are the only Bemis kids.

    Nice Work Spartans!!

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  • Bemis Junior High School Homework Club

    After School Tutoring

    At Bemis Junior High School we are taking positive steps to help your child by offering one hour after school student tutoring sessions three days per week in our Media Center.  This program will be facilitated by Bemis Junior High School teachers, along with tutoring by current Henry Ford II High School National Honor Society members. Beginning next Monday, November 14, 2022, two Bemis Junior High School teachers will supervise and support students on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Each Wednesday, we will have a teacher supervisor and three current Henry Ford II High School National Honor Society members. 

    If your child attends any or all tutoring sessions, they will be expected to bring all necessary materials and books to the library by 3:05 p.m. and remain until 4:05 p.m. Parents need to arrange to pick up their child by 4:10 p.m. If you would like your child to participate in this program, please complete the attached form and return it to the counseling office prior to your child’s first date of attendance.

    If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact Mrs. Helle at


    Mr. Yaw

    Bemis Junior High Principal

    BJH Homework Club 2022-2023 Announcement. Permission Slip. Meeting Dates FINAL 11-11-22.docx 

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