No unescorted Students at Junior High School After School Activities

I am contacting you today to inform you of one of our district practices regarding evening programs at UCS Junior High Schools.  Normally, students should not attend after-school activities, such as concerts, plays or athletic events, unless they are accompanied by an adult or are participating in the program or event.  Students on the No-Go List will NOT be admitted, even with a parent.

As a reminder: participation in extracurricular activities, including those above, requires a student to be in attendance at school for one-half of the school day on the day of the event.

The above verbiage can be found in the section titled Evening Programs at the Junior High Schools on the eleventh page titled “Our K-12 Approach” of the 2023-2024 Utica Community Schools Parent and Student Handbook.

Students have been informed via school announcements and an email message.