FAQs about the Alternative Learning Center:

    1. What is the Alternative Learning Center?

      1. It is a blended model of instruction driven by self-paced, online mastery learning coupled with small group instruction led by highly qualified teachers.

      2. Each student will have their own individual work station for a total of six hours during the school day.  Built into this time is individual time with teachers as well as small group instruction.

      3. A program that is built on the idea that students must learn and understand goal setting and goal attainment.

    2. What is different about the Alternative Learning Center?

      1. It is self-paced but with an expectation of course completion and understanding of subject matter.  Students move forward in their courses  when they achieve an 80 percent on any quiz or test to show a level of proficiency.

      2. Students will be assigned to three courses during their six-hour school day. Each course will be a two-hour block with two instructors working with students in a content area lab.

      3. Students are responsible for their education with support of staff.  Student success  is up to them knowing that they have many adults to always be successful.

      4. There is a focus on post high school placement.

    3. Why does the Alternative Learning Center work?

      1. It allows for a flexible learning environment based on the needs of the students.  Many students are at a variety of levels in their education and this program allows them to work at their own level of understanding.

      2. Students will be able to recover lost credits in a reduced time frame.

      3. It gives students and families hope that they can graduate on time and move on to post-secondary opportunities.

    4. What is expected and how will it look?

      1. Students will be assigned three online courses at a time based on missed credits.

      2. Students will have pullouts with highly qualified teachers based on their online courses.

      3. Students will pass quizzes and tests with an 80 percent to show proficiency.  Students who cannot pass with an 80 percent in the first three attempts will have additional work and retake quizzes.

      4. Students who are retaking a failed class will be placed in a course where a quiz is taken at the beginning of each unit in which they can show proficiency. The result may be that some quizzes are being passed automatically.

    5. What are the goals for the Alternative Learning Center?

      1. Encourage students to take charge of their own learning 

      2. Improve graduation rate.

      3. Improve daily attendance rate.

      4. Prepare students for post-secondary education.

      5. Improve SAT and M-STEP scores.

      6. Provide quality instruction, small group interactions, a less stressful environment and continue to build quality relationships between the staff and students.