Parent Support

  • The best way to be involved is to help your child be prepared for school each day.  Laptops and chargers are an important necessity in today's education.

    Laptops should be charged each night before the next school day.  Students can bring their chargers to school but will need to be responsible for them.  Students needing to charge their laptops when they arrive and do not have their chargers, disrupts valuable classtime.

    The moment you notice any issues with either item, be sure to have your student see Mrs. Suhy in the media center.  She will check to see if a replacement is needed.

    Student/Families are responsible for any issues or damage to the laptops and chargers. Each student receives and charger with a laptop.  If a charger goes missing, there is a replacement fee and must be paid for to receive a replacement charger.  

    Laptop Insurance is offered for purchase only during the first days of school.  There is no insurance offered for chargers.  Accidents happen, be prepared.  The repair costs can be high if you do not have insurance for the laptops.

    Please remind your child that the laptops are NOT TO BE USED FOR PERSONAL USE, such as playing games, conversing with friends, searching for any thing other than school related content.  It is important they understand this distinction.