IMPORTANT - Happy New Year! and schedules

Dear Patriot family,
Happy New Year from all of us at Jeannette! We look forward to a fantastic year filled with learning and community. Here are a few important pieces of information before we return in a couple days:

1. We return to school with a normal, full day on Wednesday, January 3rd!
2. This is the beginning of a new semester, so you will have new classes.
3. We were able to add an additional English 9 class, so it's likely that schedules will be changing over the next couple days as we work on moving students into that class. I recommend checking your schedule on PowerSchool on Tuesday night to get the most accurate schedule possible!
4. Semester 1 grades aren't due until January 5th. This means that if you were absent for an exam in December, you should email your teacher TODAY to arrange to take it right when you return.
Let's start the semester off right! Consider it this way: Right now, you all have ALL As! All you have to do is keep them!

We'll see you in a couple days!

Beth Grillo
Principal, Jeannette Junior High School