• Design Thinking - 9th Grade

    Students will be immersed into the Design Thinking Process (empathy, define, ideate, prototype, test) through hands-on projects in small learning communities. These projects will focus on skills in math, science technology, and engineering as it applies to advanced manufacturing. This  course will consist of on site and off site learning opportunities partnered with industry professionals. Focus  will be placed on creative problem solving processes and collaboration skills. The goal of this class is to challenge students to focus on solutions to relevant industry problems.

    Pathway Rotation - 10th Grade

    Students will rotate through the three Academy disciplines: Fabrication (Welding and Machining), Automation and Design Engineering.  Students will be immersed in a 10-12 week exploratory unit for each of the three academy majors.  This class will include introductory projects, skill development, and pathway points of interest. Upon completion students will be well prepared to choose their academy major.


    Students will combine multiple tasks into a single automated action using electrical, fluid-power, pneumatic, and mechanical systems.  Students will work with robotics, electronics, simulators, and programmable control systems to complete a sequence of tasks. 


    Students will build fundamental and operational skills of welding and machining.  Precision measurements, proper safety, working properties of metals and how the principles of science and mathematics are applied to machining practices are a focus.    

    Design Engineering

    Students will learn how to create and interpret industry drawings using common terms and symbols. 3-Dimentional CAD modeling, orthographic projections, sectioning, and dimensioning techniques are taught to meet industry standards.

  • Core Classes

    All Stevenson MADE students will be required to complete their core academic courses, as required by the state, within the MADE Academy curriculum.  Each core class will teach required core content through the scope of our academy.  Math, Social Studies, English and Science course standards will be intertwined with connections relevant to our academy pathways.