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    The Utica Community Schools Bridge to Kindergarten - Young Fives program provides young children additional time to prepare for a successful kindergarten and school experience. 

    The program fosters social, emotional, physical, and academic development through a year of growth and discovery for children who need additional time for development and maturity before entering kindergarten. Students who take part in the Young Fives program will transition to traditional kindergarten the following school year. 

    The Young Fives program is a full day program offered to all parents. The Young Fives sites are located throughout the district to serve students who live in the surrounding community.   If your home school does not offer Young Fives, you are provided an opportunity to attend at one of the sites. The current sites for the 2024-25 school year are Beacon Tree Elementary, Beck Elementary, Dresden Elementary, Harvey Elementary, Plumbrook Elementary, Schuchard Elementary, Switzer Elementary and Wiley Elementary. In-district families who do not live within walking distance of the school can receive transportation by taking their children to a "hub" site. A hub site is any bus stop within the attendance area of the school where the program is located. Bus stop locations will be available in late August. 

    This program integrates early childhood and beginning kindergarten standards to develop strong literacy, math, and social-emotional skills necessary for success in kindergarten. Students will be engaged in individual and group work with hands-on activities that support their unique developmental needs.  Students will receive Art, Media Center, Music, and Physical Education weekly.  

    In addition, students will have access to our food service program. Support services, such as Speech and Language, Social Worker, and English Language Support will be provided to eligible students.  School-aged childcare will be available.

    Parents are an integral part of their child’s school experience.   Active communication between teacher and parents will be essential to meet the developmental needs of each child.  Meet and Greet as well as parent-teacher conferences are opportunities for the parent and teacher to work together to establish goals to ensure academic and social-emotional growth.

    The Young Fives program is for children who have a birthdate between September 1, 2019, and December 1, 2019. In addition to the birthdate requirement, the student should meet some of the following criteria:

    • Children who need one more year of language, social and/or academic development
    • Limited English proficiency
    • May not have participated in a preschool experience

    Registration Information
    Parents should begin the registration process by selecting "kindergarten" as the grade level for enrollment, and then select "yes" when asked whether they want to pursue the Young Fives Program for their child.

    You can register for kindergarten at this link

    Young Fives Screener – REQUIRED FOR PLACEMENT

    All families interested in the Young Fives that meet the birthdate requirement (September 1 through December 1) need to schedule a screener to determine appropriate placement in the Young Fives program. Please use this  link to schedule a screener once initial registration has been completed. Screeners will take place March 18, 2024, through May 10, 2024.

    Schools of Choice families - If you currently reside outside of Utica Community Schools and have not yet applied for enrollment through Schools of Choice, please complete the form at this link

    For more information, please contact questions@uticak12.org.  

    Schools of Choice families - If you currently reside outside of Utica Community Schools and have not yet applied for enrollment through Schools of Choice, please see this link

    For more information, please contact questions@uticak12.org.