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    • Can I use my current job as a School to Work placement?
      • Possibly. You may ask the Coordinator to evaluate your current job as a possible STW placement.
    • Can I begin my STW experience in the summer?
      • Yes. If the employer is offering summer employment.
    • Do I automatically get a parking permit if I am enrolled in STW?
      • No. STW students do not receive any preferential treatment in obtaining a parking permit.
    • Can I participate in co-curricular activities (ex: sports, dance, religious obligations) and still be enrolled in the School to Work program?
      • Very difficult to do with after school practice schedules, talk to the Coordinator.


    For more information, contact Mrs. Gendelman via TEAMS,

    by email at janet.gendelman@uticak12.org

    or via telephone at 586-797-2059 and 586-797-1660.