• GLK-UAIS Philosophy: The Role of Parents
    Because our students are now in high school and take college-level courses during all four years at UAIS, our philosophy strongly encourages that students take as many opportunities as possible--and whenever appropriate--to search out answers to their questions rather than parents themselves.  This promotes in our students independent problem-solving; it nurtures the IB Learner Profile traits of Communication, Inquirer, and Risk-Taking; and finally, it provides frequent opportunities for our students to develop strong working relationships with the staff who will be writing recommendation letters for students when the apply to college.  To this end, we ask that UAIS parents help us develop these important life skills by empowering their student to advocate as much as possible for themselves.  We strongly believe that students who can nurture these life skills while in high school--where students have the support and involvement of both teachers and parent--enter the real world with the competence and confidence that they need to succeed on their own.

    The UAIS mission statement recognizes the important role parents play in their student's education at UAIS.  Prospective parents are strongly encouraged before applying to review the entire course guide and major works students will study to determine if their student is a good fit for the program.  We strongly recommend that parents attend Information Nights, Open Houses and Parent-Teacher Conferences.  Additionally, two mandatory parent meetings (IB Diploma Programme Meeting and the Mandatory Graduation Meeting) are required in the junior and senior years, respectively.  Also, we ask that parents read all weekly bulletins and monthly newsletters, which provide a plethora of information to keep parents informed.

    UAIS Assessment Calendar
    Finally, during junior and senior year, we ask that parents utilize the UAIS Assessment Calendar that we discuss at the Mandatory Junior Parent Meeting.  This document will provide a brief description of all required components not only in IB classes but also the IB core (CAS and Extended Essay) as well as deadline and important dates in the college application process. 

    UAIS IB a Parent Boosters Organization
    The IB a Parent Boosters Organization is 501C3 non-profit organization comprised of parents of UAIS students.  The IB a Parent Boosters Organization meets in the UAIS/Heritage media center on the second Tuesday of each month at 7pm.  Its primary goal to support UAIS students through fundraising support of all UAIS families to provide supplemental resources, activities, and experiences unique to IB students.  For more information on joining or contributing to the IB a Parent Boosters Organization, please contact the Boosters president at UAISboosters@gmail.com

    UAIS Sounding Board
    The UAIS Sounding Board meets during the last week of every month during the school year, except for June.  The UAIS Sounding Board allows a small group of parents to meet with the leadership of the program and relay important information to other parents of children in the program.  The Sounding Board is comprised of an equal representation of parents from the four grades at UAIS and the four home high schools in the district.  At this time, the Sounding Board is filled for the 2017-18 school year.  If you are interested in joining the UAIS Sounding Board, please email building principal Shaun Greene-Beebe (shaun.greene-beebe@Uticak12.org).  Meeting dates and reminders are shared with the group once a parent has been selected.