• Overview of Curriculum at GLK-UAIS

    GLK-UAIS students follow a 4x4 block format of 90-minute classes, rotating every other day, for a total of eight classes during each year.  Academy students will graduate with 32 total credits, compared to 24 credits at a traditional high school.  Curriculum falls into 6 groups and the IB core, and the embedded links provide course overviews for IB classes (11th/12th grade).  Individual course descriptions--as well as a list of works studied--can be found by toggling on the "Academics" bar and clicking on each group.

    Group 1: English Language Arts

    IB English Literature Course Overview 

    Group 2: Language of Acquisition (Foreign Language)

    IB French 
    IB Japanese 
    IB Spanish 

    Group 3: Individuals and Societies

    IB History 
    IB Psychology 

    Group 4: Sciences

    IB Biology 
    IB Physics 
    IB Chemistry 
    IB Computer Science

    Group 5: Mathematics

    IB Maths HL Analysis
    IB Maths SL Analysis
    IB Maths Studies Applications SL 

    Group 6: Arts

    IB Music 
    IB Theater 
    IB Visual Arts 

    Core: Theory of Knowledge

    IB TOK Course