• college board advanced placement program

    Advanced Placement (AP) courses offer students the opportunity to take college-level courses while in high school.

    AP Classes provide students with the opportunity to earn college credit by participating in and passing the AP exam in May.

    Students earn a 0.5 GPA (grade point average) increase per class towards their weighted GPA upon successful completion of the course. Using the table below, a GPA is assigned to each grade earned. For classes with AP in the course title, the final column in the table below is used. All GPA values are added up and divided by the total number of grades. 

    GPA scale

    Do your research! Not all colleges and universities accept all AP credits. Explore CollegeBoard's AP credit policy search  page to explore opportunities at each post-secondary institution. 

    For more information about AP course content, visit CollegeBoard's AP student central.

    Exam Time Conflicts: If two of your exams are scheduled for the SAME DAY and TIME, please see your counselor to reschedule one of the exams for the late testing window. Please review the AP testing schedule below to determine the date/time of your exams. 

    AP Exams Terms and Conditions: Please review AP Exams Terms and Conditions prior to testing day. You will be required to sign a statement on test day saying that you have read and agree to the AP Exam Terms and Conditions.


    Registering for an AP Exam

    Students will utilize APTS to register and pay for AP exams.

    The cost per exam is $102 for a standard exam and $150 for AP Capstone: Seminar or Research. Payment will be submitted in two parts. A deposit of $40 per exam is due by October 31, 2023, and the remaining balance and fees are due by February 16, 2024. 

    Students who participate in the Free-Reduced Lunch Program are eligible to receive a reduced AP exam fee of $5 per exam. Reduction eligible students will still be required to submit the $40 per exam deposit, but upon completion of the exam, the student will receive a $35 refund per exam automatically.  

    Canceling an Exam: If you decide to cancel an exam BEFORE March 31st, 2024, you can request a partial refund. Please note that the initial $40 deposit fee is nonrefundable. To cancel an AP exam, contact APTS at cancel@aptsusa.com. Please include the student invoice number, the student name, and the title of the exam to remove from the invoice.

    For more information about AP Exam registration and fees please visit: Utica Community Schools AP® Exam Registration (aptsusa.com) or email info@aptsusa.com with any questions.



AP Schedule

  • Sending Scores to Colleges

    Scores will be available starting early July 2024. Scores are released online on the College Board site

    Beginning in April, AP Classroom will prompt you to select where to send your scores. You can bypass that prompt by clicking the link "I don't want to send my scores".

    Seniors should send their official scores to the college they will attend. This will send all exam scores for all AP exams you have ever taken. The deadline to make this request is June 20th, 2024 for 2024 exams.

    1. Log in to My AP

    2. Click on My AP Profile in the blue section, towards the right

    3. Click on Score Send

    4. Indicate to what college you would like your scores to be sent.

    5. Be sure to save!

    Sophomores and Juniors do not need to send their scores at this time. They will report unofficial scores on college applications, and send their official scores at the end of senior year.