• Immerse Yourself in 21st Century Skills:  

    • Integrating Electronics

    • Mechanical Processes

    • Computer Processes


    Mechatronics merges the principles/processes of four engineering disciplines - electrical, mechanical, computer and industrial - to produce complex "smart" devices.

  • Why Study Mechatronics?

    There is a growing demand for Mechatronics. Widely used in Japan and Europe, Mechatronics is gaining importance in the United States, with Southeastern Michigan positioned to become a leader in this exciting field.   

    Professional Experience

    Mechatronics engineers are skilled in integrating pneumatic, hydraulic robotic and mechanical technology with the whole design process to rapidly develop products that combine innovation precision, speed and low cost. Success requires a strong knowledge of the above technologies, plus the ability to draw on the knowledge of others and apply all to create a "smart system to meet a manufacture's needs.

    Global Connection

    Immerse yourself in 21st Century Skills integrating Electronics, Mechanical and Computer Processes to design the smart technology to meet the demands globally.

    Where Do Mechatronic Experts Work?  

    Mechatronics engineers and technologists are needed by any business that researches, designs, manufactures or markets "smart" devices.

    Opportunities exist in:
    •Quality Control

    and industries such as:
    •And more...