• Learn what it takes to succeed in fields such as:  

    • Video and TV Production

    • Digital Design

    • 3D Animation

    • Video Game Creation


  • Career Opportunities

    The demand for video and television production, video gaming, 3D animated movies and special effects is expected to increase at a double-digit rate each year for the next ten years.  

    Professional Experience

    Students in the Multimedia Production program will learn using the latest tools and techniques as professionals in this exciting industry.

    Global Connection

    Students will learn effective communication with industry professionals. International collaboration is now possible through new technology. Students will have the opportunity to develop relationships world-wide fostering strong cultural knowledge.

     Multimedia Production Careers 

    • Producer/Director
    • Storyboard Artist
    • Screen Writer
    • 3D Animator
    • Graphic Designer
    • Set Designer
    • Game Designer
    • Camera Operator
    • Sound Designer
    • Video Editor