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    Prepare Early and College App Season Will Be A Breeze!

    To reduce application stress during the senior year, one of the best things students can do is begin preparing a student resume in ninth grade.  Colleges will be interested in the activities and accomplishments of students during grades 9-12, including involvement that occurs during the summer before ninth grade.  The Student Record for College Form (available below in both PDF and Word formats) gives an idea of the depth of detail many colleges will request. 

    Student Record for College Form (PDF)

    Student Record for College Form (Word Document)

    Naviance, the college and career readiness platform used in UCS, offers a resume function that allows students to record and save this type of information.  Login to Naviance Student, navigate to About Me  > My Stuff > Resume. OR Login to Naviance Student navigate to About Me Home > click on Resume from the student banner. 

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