• UCS Pathways to Success was established 16 years ago by the Superintendent's Student Advisory Board to ensure families and students are aware of the opportunities, services and programs available to all Utica Community Schools students. By beginning a plan early, parents can set their students on a path that best fits their needs and interests. 

    UCS Pathways to Success will be held on Tuesday, January 17, 2023 from 6:00-8:30pm at Henry Ford II High School, 11911 Clinton River Rd. Sterling Heights, MI 48313. 

    2023 Pathways to Success Schedule:
    6:00 p.m. - Booths Open
    6:30-7:10 p.m. - Session I
    7:15-7:45 p.m. - Session II
    7:50-8:20 p.m. - Session III


    Information Booths featured at UCS Pathways to Success will include:

    • Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID)
    • Bemis Junior High School
    • College for Creative Studies Dual Enrollment
    • Davis Junior High School
    • Eisenhower High School
    • Elementary School
    • Eppler Junior High School
    • FIRST Robotics
    • Gene L. Klida Utica Academy for International Studies
    • Henry Ford II High School
    • Heritage Junior High School
    • Jeannette Junior High School
    • Lawrence Technological University Dual Enrollment
    • Macomb Community College Dual Enrollment
    • Malow Junior High School
    • Schools of Choice
    • Shelby Junior High School
    • Special Services
    • Stevenson Center for Manufacturing, Automation and Design Engineering (Stevenson MADE)
    • Stevenson High School
    • Technology in the Classroom
    • UCS Art Department
    • UCS Athletics
    • UCS Career and Technical Education (CTE)
    • UCS Community Education
    • UCS Dual Enrollment
    • UCS English as a Second Language (EL)
    • UCS Foundation for Educational Excellence
    • UCS Music Department
    • UCS Physical Education
    • UCS Virtual Academy
    • UCS Wellness: Supporting Social Emotional Health in Students and Families
    • Utica High School Academy for Health and Human Services (UAHHS)
    • Utica Center for Mathematics, Science and Technology (UCMST)
    • Utica Center for Science and Industry (UCSI)
    • Utica High School
    • Virtual Library Card
    • World Languages and Seal of Global Language
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  • 2023 Breakout Sessions
    Beneficial to families with students in:  
    Δ  Elementary   Δ  Junior High   Δ High School

    Δ  Get Set for Young 5s/Kindergarten/Elementary
    Student achievement is the number one goal in Utica Community Schools, and the journey toward College and Career Readiness begins in elementary school. Topics covered include daily schedule, personal learning devices for students and more.

    Δ  Get Set for Junior High School
    Learn how you and your student(s) can prepare for the junior high experience. Topics covered include course selection, daily schedule, lockers, lunch and more.

    Δ  Get Set for High School 
    Discover the variety of learning opportunities and extra-curricular activities available in high school.  

    Δ  Get Set for College: A High School Action Plan
    Develop your game plan of key tasks to prepare for college and/or career. Discussion on topics such as GPA, resume and the college application process.  

    Δ  Get Set for Career: Plan for Post-Graduation 
    Gain a sense of confidence regarding your next steps after graduation by exploring and connecting with the many career opportunities available in Macomb County. 

    Δ    Δ   Gene L. Klida Utica Academy for International Studies (GLK-UAIS)
    GLK-UAIS is Utica Community Schools’ full-day International Baccalaureate Diploma Academy. This collaborative environment and the rigorous, comprehensive and internationally-minded curriculum challenge the learner to grow personally and academically.

    Δ   Δ  Utica Center for Mathematics, Science and Technology (UCMST) 
    UCMST is designed for students who have an interest in mathematics, science, computer science and curriculum integrated technology. Students in this four-year program have one half-day of course work at their home high school including English, social studies and electives. Students are transported to the Instructional Resource Center for their mathematics, science and technology instruction.  

    Δ   Δ  Utica Center for Science and Industry (UCSI) 
    UCSI students in this four-year program have access to work-based learning opportunities, including job shadowing, mentoring and work-site internships. Students focus on the Design Thinking Process and choose one of the three Career and Technical Education pathways: Multimedia Production, Mechatronics (Advanced Robotics Systems) or Engineering Technology. One half-day of course work will be at the students’ home high school.  

    Δ   Δ  Stevenson Manufacturing, Automation and Design Engineering (Stevenson MADE)
    Stevenson MADE blends rigorous academic content with relevant, real world applications by making use of strong business relationships and post-secondary partners in the field of Advanced Manufacturing. All course work has project based learning with design thinking and problem solving at the core. This four-year program is open to Davis, Heritage, and Jeannette junior high school students scheduled to attend Stevenson High School. If additional seats are available, applications from other schools will be considered (internal transfer approval will be required for non-Stevenson feeder school students).   

    Δ   Δ   Utica High School Academy for Health and Human Services (UAHHS) 
    Becoming available to 9th grade students in the 2023-2024 school year, UAHHS will utilize therapeutic medical, public safety and rehabilitation services themes to help students develop technical and critical thinking skills while exposing students to in-depth industry related challenges through a medical lens.

    Δ   Δ    Δ   UCS Art Programs 
    Discover the elective art courses that are available at the junior high and high schools. Hear about careers for those with a passion for the Arts.

    Δ   Δ    Δ   UCS Music Programs
    Learn more about vocal and instrumental elective music programs offered in junior high and high school.

    Δ   Δ    Δ   Earn College Credit: Advanced Placement (AP) Opportunities 
    Find out about Advanced Placement college-level courses that are offered at the junior high and high school level. Information will be shared on AP Testing and potential earning of college credits through AP courses.

    Δ  Take a College Course in High School: Dual Enrollment 
    Take a course at a local college or university and earn high school and/or college credit. Application process takes place in ninth grade.  Featured schools: College of Creative Studies, Lawrence Technological University and Macomb Community College.

    Δ  Δ  School-to-Work 
    Connecting classroom learning with work-based learning experiences, preparing students for the move from classroom to work site, supporting supervised on-the-job training, and helping students make career decisions.  

    Δ  Δ   Oakland University Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
    This session will help educate students and parents about financial preparation for college, applying for financial aid and the financial aid process.

    NOTE: This webpage is to serve as a preview of the 2023 UCS Pathways event. The offerings listed throughout this webpage and the event schedule are subject to change. Updated 1/9/2023.